The complexity of government regulations and the associated consequences of non-compliance, more employers are looking towards Unicorn HRO to lighten their leave and accommodation workloads.

ICON, a Software as a Service (SaaS) absence management solution, provides a platform to manage their leave, services. ICON enables companies to securely manage employees in one system. At the same time, authorized personnel gain access to management and reporting to facilitate more efficient processes.

Companies using ICON are better positioned to:

  • Integrate absence management service offerings
  • Securely manage multiple customers in a single system
  • Streamline case management for Leave, Accommodation and Stay at Work/Return to Work
  • Improve service delivery to customers
  • Support customers’ compliance with regulations like FMLA, state leave laws and the ADA
  • Tailor the system to customers’ unique requirements
  • Perform ‘book of business’ and ‘cross customer’ reporting
  • Scale to thousands of customers

Unique in their depth, for large employers and SimplyLeave for small and mid-sized employers, include more than 400 federal and state leave rules, workflow automation, leave letters, and decision support. These solutions were developed according to legal best-practices to easily guide employers through leave processes, telling them when steps need to be completed, producing letters, and instantly calculating eligibility and entitlement.

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