A Guide to Implementing SaaS Payroll – Steps to Remember

Business technology can help your company grow and evolve, but can also be expensive. Purchasing the needed software and hardware to add even a basic payroll system to your company can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. SaaS payroll solutions is a better option for most mid-level businesses and allows you to pay a basic subscription fee in order to use all of the various features that the SaaS payroll provides. Essentially you'll receive the benefits of business technology but with fewer costs or hassles thanks to SaaS payroll. It's a fairly straightforward process to add SaaS payroll to your company, but a few simple steps can help make the addition go even more smoothly.

The first step to help you add SaaS payroll to your company seems like common sense, but is often overlooked. There are a host of SaaS payroll solutions on the market, and it's vital that you find one that handles all of the tasks you need it to. Failure to do so will basically result in disappointment. Review all of your payroll needs before you even begin to look for SaaS payroll products. Once you've figured out what you want from them, you can compare the various SaaS payroll to find the perfect one for you. Remember that extra features in SaaS payroll products may cost a bit more but could be valuable and worth the extra money.

The next thing you'll need to do is schedule the implementation date and inform your employees. In truth, only the employees who will be using the SaaS payroll actually need the details, but letting all of your workers know that SaaS payroll is being added will help quell any rumors and could help them be more patient while any kinks are ironed out. Share all of the SaaS payroll information that you have with the employees who will be using it, and if there are any booklets or websites they can use to familiarize themselves with the SaaS payroll be sure to provide it to them.

Once the big day rolls around, you'll want to ensure that all the employees who will be using the SaaS payroll are ready to learn about the system. There's no installation of SaaS payroll since it's hosted elsewhere, but most companies will provide some training to help your workers get started. Ensure that each worker who will be managing the SaaS payroll understands the basic functions and any special features that the product may have. This step is vital, and ensures you get the most from your SaaS payroll.

Monitor your employees and the SaaS payroll closely during the first year so that you can note any issues they may be having. Take note if certain features of the SaaS payroll aren't being used or if features you didn't invest in would benefit your employees even more. Once renewal of your SaaS payroll account is due you can adjust it. This lets you tailor your SaaS payroll to your exact needs. Unicorn HRO makes implementing a SaaS payroll into your company easy and offers the best software you can invest in.

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