Benefits Administration Tips – What Every Employer Should Remember

Few things in the human resources world can be as polarizing as benefits administration. Those in the HR department usually dread the words 'benefits administration' since it can not only be a tedious affair, but also because there seems to be a constant barrage of benefits administration related inquiries from employees outside the HR room who want to know about their benefits. They spend more time with benefits administration than other tasks. In short, benefits administration takes valuable time away from the human resource workers and slows progress in other areas as well. But you need benefits administration in order to keep a great workforce. Here are some benefits administration tips that you need to keep in mind.

  1. The Right Benefits - Studies show that employees care about their benefits package almost as much as they do their pay, highlight the importance of benefits administration. Of the various benefits provided employees feel that insurance is the most important to them. The first step in good benefits administration is simply offering the right incentives to keep your employees. If deliver great benefits to them, you're already on the right track.
  1. Know When to Go Online – Online enrollment is a great way to keep benefits administration running smoothly, but not every company needs it. If you've got over one hundred fifty employees, letting them enroll in benefits online is a great way to save yourself and your HR department a lot of time and effort in benefits administration. Less than one hundred employees and many insurance companies won't be as willing to allow you to interface, so this option may not be effective for smaller companies.
  1. Know When to Outsource – Small to mid-sized companies often have only a few human resource workers, and they'll be handling a lot of different tasks for your company. If they seem overwhelmed it may be in your best interest to outsource your benefits administration needs. Companies like Unicorn HRO can offer call centers that manage employee benefits administration without interfering in the day to day routine of your human resource workers.
  1. Automated Systems May be Best – There's a reason that the majority of companies now use automated benefits administration software – because it works, and works well. With these simple to use benefits administration programs your employees can log in and manage or check on most of their benefits themselves, even from home. Benefits administration systems from Unicorn HRO can improve productivity and reduce the workload on your HR department, and it can do so while keeping all of your business aspects in-house.
  1. Spreading the Word Simplifies Everything – Be sure that your employees understand all of the various aspects of your benefits package and, if you automate, benefits administration. Giving them links to websites, brochures, info packets, and more can help them understand just what their benefits are and even holding a brief employee meeting to familiarize them with the various aspects of it can go a long way towards cutting down on confusion and improving productivity.

Your employees' value benefits and effective benefits administration will keep them on the job and keep morale high. Using great benefits administration systems like those from Unicorn HRO can make a huge difference. Keeping the above tips in mind can help make benefits administration simple and effective.


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