Choosing the Right Benefits Enrollment Software – The Basics

Technology has simplified countless aspects of our lives.  From parallel parking to checking email on the go, there seems to be a modern marvel for everything that we do.  In the business world, technology is even more apparent.  It has improved productivity and simplified tasks across the board.  One department in every office that has truly benefited from modern technology is human resources.  And no event can highlight what technology has done for HR more than benefits enrollment.  Benefits enrollment software has made what was once a hectic, chaotic event into a simple and straightforward process.  Different benefits enrollment software has different features and capabilities, however, so it's important to understand just what makes a great benefits enrollment program.

Although there are some unique requirements that a company may need from a benefits enrollment program, several features will be universally desired.  The first is the ability to manage multiple benefits enrollment projects at once, and the ease with which your enrollment administrator can set up new projects.  If a benefits enrollment program lacks simple and effective program creation tools, it will be difficult for your HR department to utilize the benefits enrollment program effectively.  This is a major consideration since simplifying their job is the entire point of investing in this software in the first place.  Unicorn HRO can offer benefits enrollment software that is a snap to set up.

The next feature, and probably the most important, is how easy it is for each employee to go through the process of benefits enrollment.  Good benefits enrollment software will guide employees through the process step by step and make it easy to enroll.  No special training should be required in order to use the benefits enrollment program and on screen help and tips are a plus.  Additionally, the ability to save and restart is important and will allow employees to undertake the enrollment process in more than one sitting if they need to.  If employees must constantly seek help from the human resources department, the benefits enrollment program isn't doing its job.

While open enrollment is when your program will see the most use, the ability to enroll anytime is important, especially for new employees.  And giving current employees the ability to modify their plan based on live events such as the birth of a child or a marriage is important as well.  Any good benefits enrollment program will also have a host of approval and verification features, such as allowing administrators to approve elections and giving employees the chance to see if they've made any errors on their benefits enrollment applications.

Other great features involve the ability to track an employee's progress as they make their way through the benefits enrollment process and the ability to send email reminders or notifications to one or all employees.  Function and flexibility, in short, must be the two key elements of any good benefits enrollment software.  All of these features are a must for any program, but it's vital that you begin the process by assessing exactly what your company needs from benefits enrollment software before you begin to shop for the program.  Knowing what your specific needs are will help you find the perfect benefits enrollment software.  For the easiest and most comprehensive benefits enrollment software, Unicorn HRO can help.


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