Choosing the Right Employee Self Service Program – How to Find the Right One for You

Technology has boosted the business world to new heights, making processes that were once nightmarish as simple as clicking a mouse. Employee self-service programs are one such example, and are prized in the business industry. Employee self-service programs provide simple, web based solutions for your company that allows employees to manage and view their data including benefits information and payroll stats without bothering human resources. Implementing employee self-service programs lets your HR department focus on employee hiring and retention instead of dealing with a constant influx of queries from elsewhere in the company. If you're ready to invest in employee self-service programs, there are some things that you can keep in mind to get the best employee self-service system for your company.

The first thing to do is assess just what your business will need from an employee self-service system. Do you simply want to automate payroll? Or do you want an all-encompassing employee self-service system that handles nearly any HR related task? When assessing what you really want from your employee self-service system, be sure that you look into the future as well since your needs could evolve as your business grows. Take any future scenarios into account when you decide what your employee self-service program needs.

Next you'll simply have to find the right employee self-service program for you. At its most basic, be sure that your employee self-service system allows users to log in through a web portal so that information can be managed from the office or from home. This will give your employees more freedom helps them feel like they're in control of their info. A good employee self-service program will handle a wide range of different tasks, and Unicorn HRO offers an employee self-service system that is unrivaled in both performance and simplicity.

Employee self-service programs can handle a lot of tasks, so be sure that when you make the investment in an employee self-service system you purchase one that handles every task you need. A good employee self-service system will automatically handle payroll information and process and lets employees view and print out info on their pay history. Employee self-service programs that are linked to benefits administration can let employees check info such as their retirement fund totals and modify information such as contribution amounts to retirement or to add children or a new spouse to a health insurance policy.

Some portions of employee self-service programs may be accessible to each employee while others will only be accessed by human resource employees. Employee self-service systems can automate a huge variety of HR functions and will give your HR department the chance to focus on more important issues. In short, the best way to get the right employee self-service system for your business is to begin by reviewing what your current and future needs will be and then matching those needs to an employee self-service system that falls within your budget. Unicorn HRO can provide great employee self-service systems for any size business. It's an investment you'll never regret.

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