Cloud HCM - How can it help Health Care Companies?

Although many HR departments use multiple software and applications to manage the performance of their workforce, a lack of consistency and integration of these systems, can often lead to poor data quality, poor strategic planning, and poor management of the current workforce. To address this, many HR departments are choosing to integrate their systems such as through the use of cloud computing. This helps to streamline processes in ways which are more efficient and in which applications are compatible. It also allows for data to be shared between applications, making it easier for analytics to be applied. Cloud computing automates administrative tasks such as payroll, records in depth employee information, and enhances communication between departments regardless of their location. Cloud computing also increases communication between staff, with the use of social and internal networking sites, provides a means for staff to have greater access to training, and allows employees and departments to share good practice.

Cloud HCM or human capital management describes the integrated software which helps HR departments to use process which help to determine how staff can be better utilized by the company, based on their skills. They allow HR departments to determine how employee’s skills can be improved, and to determine which staff members show potential for promotion. Cloud HCM helps HR departments to have a greater understanding of the costs associated with hiring contingent workers, new hires and the cost of overtime. Workforce tasks can be easily tracked and allocated to staff based on the cost effectiveness to the company and based on the skills of the worker.

Ensuring that employees are appropriately rewarded, and that their training needs are met, can not only improve staff motivation, but it can also increase staff retention rates. This is particularly important when considering the cost of losing staff and the cost and time associated with initiating a recruitment process for new hires. Moreover, to remain competitive within the market, retaining high quality and trained staff can prove to be an invaluable asset to the company and a major selling point. Cloud HCM also improves visibility of HR departments and managers amongst the workforce, allows for easy dissemination of process and information, and enhances communication between staff and managers. Cloud computing also increases access to company data regardless of location.

Choosing the right cloud computing solution is important, and should be based on the current and future needs of the company including an analysis of the tools and software currently used. Many cloud computing software applications are configurable and flexible. Companies may choose to use existing software and applications offered by service providers, or they may choose to use a mixture of preexisting software and new applications.

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