Cloud HCM - How can it help Schools?

HCM or Human Capital Management is the term used to describe the methods by which HR departments manage their workforce. Cloud HCM, allows these methods to be carried out using cloud computing applications. These applications help HR staff to identify the current skill set of the workforce, including determining how to improve these skills and how to align employee goals with those of the company. They help to track and record relevant staff data, such as personal data, performance reviews and provide dashboards which offer visualization of data. These tracking, analytic and data management tools also help to address another important aspect of HCM, which is that of motivating and training staff. This is particularly important for companies to ensure that they do not loose high quality workers. Therefore, tracking and reporting tools not only help HR departments to manage performance reviews, including performance and goal management, but they also ensure that employees are rewarded appropriately.

Cloud HCM allows for these HR process to be streamlined and made more efficient. It also ensures that applications, processes, and data can be integrated to provide consistency within the company. However, choosing the right cloud service provider or HR consulting company, is vital, particularly to ensure the security and integrity of data management. Companies should also consider how performance related issues may be addressed, including data backup. Of particular benefit, is how cloud computing is highly cost effective, requiring little capital investment and can be deployed within the company in as little as a few weeks. In some cases, applications can be integrated with the companies pre-existing applications and software. Alternatively, companies may choose to use existing applications which are designed and operated by service providers but which can also be customized.

There are several cloud computing options available, and companies may choose to purchase private, public or hybrid cloud solutions, including a combination of both. The flexibility of cloud computing means companies may change their software at a later date if the needs of their company change. Moreover, HCM applications provide analytic and reporting tools which collect relevant data, helping HR departments to report their current status to other departments, including managers. Cloud HCM can help to support HR departments in many tasks, from payroll, benefits, workers compensation, performance management, talent reviews, predictive analysis, and business intelligence. Companies may choose to purchase cloud computing solutions on a monthly basis and many updates and upgrades are offered as part of this fee by the service provider. Companies should carefully consider how to migrate to Cloud HCM and how to choose the best software based on the company’s needs. In many cases, HR consulting companies can help to guide companies through this decision making process.

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