Cloud HCM - How can it help the Education Facilities?

Cloud computing provides network access to to Education Facilities with a variety of tools, such as applications, software and increased storage using virtual servers. These solutions are shared between several customers and are configurable, meaning they can be customized for the company’s specific needs. HCM or human capital management is a philosophy that recognizes employees as the most valuable asset to a company. It encourages businesses to track their employee’s progress within the company and to reward staff when appropriate. Cloud HCM uses cloud computing technology which supports the goals of this philosophy. It provides applications in which all aspects of the employee’s progress within the company can be tracked. For example, it provides applications in which the recruitment processes can be managed online, automates payroll, benefits and performance reviews. It also provides software in which work tasks can be assigned to staff based on the costs to the company and staff talent. It streamlines many processes such as absence, vacation tracking, annual performance reviews, and includes predictive analysis. Some applications also provide company or social networking sites, encouraging communication between departments. These applications also make it easier for companies to create a staff teams based on their unique skills sets which can be matched to specific work tasks. It also helps HR departments to align employee goals with those with the overall company.

Cloud HCM is therefore a useful system for HR departments, allowing them to automate many administrative tasks whilst providing them with the means and time to re-invest in their staff. This helps HR departments to improve their current workforce, whilst looking for ways to expand it by attracting quality workers in the future. Cloud computing provides access to multiple software and applications online. These are cost effective as the costs are spread over multiple customers who also have access to the service provider’s tools. Cloud computing also offers reliability, internet security, backup support, and disaster recovery. It reduces the costs associated with set up such as installation, the purchasing of software, hardware, licensing fees, upgrades, and maintenance costs. It is also more flexible, meaning companies may choose to add additional tools or replace applications in the future. This is in contrast to companies who buy software and who find themselves tied into using these despite changes to their needs.

Deployment can be quick, particularly in comparison to the time taken to install new systems on the company’s premises. Often Cloud HCM can be integrated into the currents systems utilized by the company and businesses only pay for what they use, such as a monthly fee. Many service providers allow for high levels of customization of the applications used. For example, adding a company logo, designing page layouts to the company’s preference, and allowing companies to choose specific reporting tools and analytics, amongst many other choices.

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