Cloud HCM - How can it help the Hospitality Business?

HR departments are increasingly moving towards the use of cloud computing such as through the use of SaaS or single application access. As part of this movement, departments are choosing to use HCM or Human Capital Management applications. Cloud computing allows staff to access applications, data and company software via the internet. These are cost effective options with the cost being spread over multiple customers and with companies often paying for services utilized on an ‘as and when’ basis or for a monthly fee. It also mitigates the set up costs associated with investments in hardware, new equipment, software licensing, updates and maintenance, as these are also managed by the provider. Resources are often configurable a flexible approach which allows companies to adapt the products they use to meet the changing needs of the company.

Cloud HCM integrates and streamlines may administrative HR related tasks into one application. It allows for HR departments in industries including hospitality to manage all aspects of the employee’s life cycle such as the recruitment process. It allows for jobs to be easily posted and found by prospective candidates and enables the process to be managed in an easier and more efficient way such as recording and storing relevant candidate data, sending emails and reminders regarding interview dates to HR staff. It may even allow for administrative tasks to become automated such as scheduling interviews, sending out interview letters, calendar management and provides a centralized data source for recruitment information. Cloud HCM also provides tools which manage payroll and benefits, including the management of staff training. It provides tools to manage process such as performance reviews and provides analytic and reporting tools.

Cloud HCM acknowledges the important role that staff plays in the company and allows HR staff to manage staff performance more efficiently, select the most appropriate candidates, and develop the best workforce at the best cost for the company. Staff management also ensures that appropriate training is offered to keep staff skills up to date and relevant to today’s workforce. It also helps HR departments to ensure that staff members are appropriately rewarded for their work. For example, the management of performance appraisals can help to determine which staff should receive pay increases, bonuses, and help to identify staff members who may be suitable for promotion and progression throughout the company.

Cloud HCM also helps to improve accuracy in data management, such as payroll and benefit data. It reduces the need for staff to carry out lower end administrative tasks, particularly as employees have access to their own data and are able to manage their own updates. Cloud computing also allows for updates and new processes to be implemented quickly and efficiently without disrupting daily business. Companies may choose to use existing applications or access new ones offered by service providers.

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