Cloud HCM - How can it help the Law Firms?

A current trend in HR in the Law Firm industry is an increased interest in employee performance and talent management, a trend known as Human Capital Management or HCM. Within HCM, employees are recognized as being an invaluable asset to the company and finding ways to maximize staff potential. Ensuring that worker’s talents and skills are applied appropriately to the company’s overall goals, are a large part of HCM. Cloud HCM, is a process which combines the benefits of cloud computing and the premise of HCM. It allows for employee performance management and other employee management processes, to be automated or managed using applications and software provided by cloud service providers. This streamlines many HR processes in cost effective ways and more efficient ways. This also allows HR departments to create more sophisticated processes which go above and beyond basic administrative tasks and which help departments to gain a more in depth understanding of their workforce. As a result HR departments are able to better match staff to the available opportunities within the company.

Cloud HCM integrates multiple processes and provides ways to record staff data and monitor staff progression within the company, such as by recording performance reviews. It also provides HR staff with the ability to match workforce tasks to workers, based on their skills and the costs to the company. These applications help companies to engage in more strategic planning, particularly by utilizing analytic and reporting tools also offered by service providers. Previously, many of these tasks were carried out manually by HR staff, processes which were often time consuming and didn’t allow for data to be used for analytic purposes.

Analytic and reporting tools, also allow companies to not only understand and analyze the current status of their workforce, but to preempt the company’s future goals and to ensure that workers individual goals are in line with those of the company. This helps HR departments to choose training options which improve workers skills and talents in ways which are of benefit to the company. It also enables HR departments to identify any gaps in the skills of their current workforce and helps to guide future recruitment. Cloud HCM also provides a means in which the recruitment process can be managed online, using cloud applications for a more efficient, and user friendly experience for both staff and candidates.

In addition to human capital management, many cloud HCM solutions also include integrated applications, in which multiple administrative processes can be automated. These can include payroll, staff absence, vacation, time, attendance, and benefit administration, amongst many other options. Overall, cloud computing can be applied in many ways to enhance HCM, whilst helping to motivate a company’s workforce by recognizing the important role that they play.

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