Cloud HCM - How can it help the Super Market Chains?

It can be difficult for supermarket chains, particularly franchises, to manage and track their workforce. This is due to the high turnover of staff and the complex scheduling found in super market franchises. This can make it more difficult to carry out human capital management (HCM) also known as talent management. To mitigate this, many HR departments are moving HCM to cloud computing, known as Cloud HCM. This allows them to track and schedule workforce tasks and performance management, using applications and software which are accessed by the cloud. The use of cloud computing streamlines HR tasks, and ensures that all departments, regardless of their location, access and use the same operations. It also allows for the sharing of data, and ensures departments are accessing data in real time. In addition to providing ways to administrate tasks such as the recruitment process, payroll, time, and attendance, Cloud HCM provides a way for HR staff to have a better understanding of their workforce. This helps companies to determine how best to use the unique skills and talents of their staff. It also allows them to align worker goals with those of the overall company, and to keep a record of each staff member’s personal profile, such as skills and education. It allows managers to identify patterns in their staff’s work style, including those who have regular absences. Alternatively, it allows HR departments to identify workers who continue to meet their individual and company goals, to provide appropriate compensation. It also helps them to identify workers who may prove eligible for promotion and progression within the company.

By transferring administrative tasks to automated and more efficient processes, HR departments have the opportunity to invest their time into HCM, offering appropriate training and having one on one relationships with staff members. It also provides HR staff the time to engage in strategic business planning. The reporting and analytic software also offered as part of Cloud HCM, allows HR departments to justify decision making, offering transparency in their decisions, and even allows them to make predictive analysis. HCM is an integral part of any company, particularly as the quality of the workforce is one of the greatest assets a business can have. The time and money involved in the recruitment process, means that staff retention can reduce costly re-hiring, and helps companies to remain competitive within their industry.

Staff motivation is also important, and applications such as employee self-service, social, and internal networking sites, enhances communicate between staff across many locations, providing a more cohesive workforce. Recognizing hard working staff and providing appropriate compensation, is another important factor in workforce motivation. Cloud HCM allows for HR departments to support their workforce and make their company an attractive place to work.

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