Cloud HR - How can it help the Child Care Industry

Cloud HR, is just one of the many methods that industries such as the child care industry, are using to streamline their processes in ways which are more cost effective for the company. Cloud computing, replaces the need for expensive equipment, including hardware and software which are traditionally housed on site. This includes reducing the costs associated with regular updates and the maintenance of equipment. Alternatively, cloud computing allows for company data, applications and other processes, to be stored and managed at a remote location. The cloud computing service can then be accessed via the internet from any location, and through a variety of methods such as laptops, desktops, servers, tablets, and i-phones. This provides ease of use for workers, and is particularly beneficial for businesses which employ workers over a variety of locations including home based workers.

Cloud computing services are managed by the provider, including updates to the software. Many of the service providers also employ security measures to reduce the potential for loss of data, security breaches, and employ methods to effectively manage disaster recovery. They often provide back up of company data and regularly carry out security checks and updates at no additional cost to the company. There are several different types of cloud computing services available for businesses, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Network as a service (NaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a service (SaaS). Many companies choose to utilize SaaS computing, as these are often flexible enough to meet the specific needs of the company. These are also known as ‘on-demand’ software, as they can be easily accessed from any location and customers only pay for the applications used, such as through a monthly or annual subscription fee.

ICON is a common SaaS or cloud HR solution often utilized within many HR departments. This tool can be an invaluable resource to HR staff, enabling them to manage many aspects of workforce data and processes. For example, employee data can be safely stored and accessed in real time. Employees are also given the opportunity to access and manage their own data, including making any necessary updates. As part of the benefits administration, necessary information can be accessed by workers including self-enrollment. Payroll and tax processes, time, and attendance, can also be managed through the SaaS system. These systems allow for customization, including page layout, adding the businesses logo to applications, and customizing the level of access for each worker.

Another benefit to SaaS is the ease with which these can be implemented and deployed within companies, particularly as they do not require physical deployment. The ease with which cloud computing can be adopted within companies, the flexibility and cost effectiveness, is making cloud HR a particularly viable option for many industries, including the child care industry.

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