Cloud HR - How can it help the Education Facilities?

HR departments across many industries, including education facilities, are increasingly choosing to utilize cloud based solutions such as Cloud HR. Despite the many benefits that these may have, not all HR departments are familiar with cloud computing, including how to effectively choose and implement these within the department. For this reason, companies are choosing to hire HR consulting companies, who cannot only help to analyze the current tools and needs of the department, but who can also help companies to choose the most appropriate cloud solutions. They also provide support during the implementation and maintenance process. This is particularly important, as HR cloud solutions have a variety of options to choose from such as applicant tracking, onboarding, employee self-service portals, dashboard, analytic tools, benefits administration, to name but a few. Moreover, there are also additional tools that be added to enhance the user and end user experience. With so many options available, HR consultants can help to advise staff on ways to customize these tools for their specific needs. This may be particularly important for industries such as education facilities, due to the variances in staff working hours, calendar dates and the requirement for compliance with federal and state laws pertinent to educational and academic facilities. Without a correct understanding of how HR departments can apply these tools effectively to their existing processes, the value of these can be lost.

As implementation of cloud computing takes much less time as compared to traditional platforms, these are a particularly attractive choice for companies. However, it also requires staff to be cognizant and well trained on how to use these. Some particular benefits to cloud computing include the fact that company data and processes are no longer entirely dependent on operating systems held on the company premises which may be prone to maintenance problems. For example, it helps to mitigate the potential disruption caused by hardware malfunction such as power surges, CPU or hardware failure, which can shut down the operating system and network processes such as email. Instead, Cloud HR provides a buffer and separates the operating system, hardware and application systems, allowing for the operating system to be maintained and run on cloud based applications. Cloud HR can also be custom made, using existing web based technologies in which companies can use already existing web based applications which are located on a web server. As these are already set up and maintained, they prove to be more cost effective and safer as these are not affected by hardware failure which could result in loss of data. Of particular benefit, is how application and security updates are disseminated directly from the service provider to the company in real time, providing access to the most up to date software, without disrupting day to day operations.

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