Cloud HR - How can it help the Health Care Companies?

Cloud computing, such as SaaS or software as a service, allows companies to reduce costs associated with the installation of hardware and software including the maintenance and application updates. Applications are operated by service providers, can be accessed over the internet, and implemented quickly. They also allow companies such as Health Care companies, to have access to the most up to date software, the cost of which is spread out over several customers who all access to the same web based applications. Of particular importance for health care companies, are the safety and security of their data and many service providers offer safety procedures, including back up of data, internet security, virus protection, and emergency protocols in the case of power loss. Application updates including updates to security software, are operated, and maintained by the service provider.

Health care companies require flexible software solutions to manage their staff, including work hours, payroll, time, and attendance. They must also ensure that their staff and processes are compliant with federal and state regulations. Utilizing cloud HR, can allow for applications to be customized meeting the specific needs of the company, whilst allowing for tools, such as employee self-service and payroll automation, to be integrated with the accounting department. This helps to reduce the potential for human error and also enables data to be drawn from several locations. Companies may also choose to use additional HR tools, such as analytic tools, tools to track staff performance and web based recruitment processes which provide applications to advertise new job postings and manage and administrate the recruitment process from beginning to end.

As health care companies are often spread over several locations, data held between locations and the processes used may not always be consistent, making it difficult for HR departments to compare and contrast information for strategic business planning. Utilizing cloud HR helps to manage all data ensuring its compatibility and helps to avoid duplication of data and processes, providing consistency across several locations. This not only helps the company but provides an optimum end user experience, where customers receive the same level and quality of service. Applications can also be customized to meet the needs of the HR department including allowing for adaptation as their needs change.

Cloud HR software is regularly updated, can be easily accessed and can be implemented and up and running quickly. Data can also be accessed in real time. As employees can access their own information, including payroll and benefits information, this reduces the queries that the HR department receives. It allows HR staff to concentrate on higher end tasks, including greater time spent in analysis to determine how to effectively manage their current workforce, identify staff training needs, and determine how to attract and retain high quality staff.

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