Cloud HR - How can it help the Hospitality Business

Despite their integral role within the company, many businesses are reluctant to invest within their HR departments. HR trends within industries such as the Hospitality business are seeing a movement towards software and web based solutions. In particular, 2013 is seeing a greater movement towards the use of Cloud HR within many companies. Cloud computing administers IT related capabilities via the internet rather than the use of in-house services. It allows companies to store data, information, and applications within remote environments which can be accessed through the internet.

Of particular interest is how cloud computing is cost effective and can be implemented quickly within many businesses. Moreover, it does not require an IT infrastructure, reduces costs associated with training, and hiring IT staff, reduces costs associated with maintenance, additional storage space, or expensive software. There are many comprehensive cloud computing solutions available which are flexible enough to be customized to meet the specific needs of the company.

Within HR departments, Cloud HR can play a large role within the recruitment process, including tracking the entire process, recording and scheduling applicant interviews and storing resumes. Some cloud computing solutions also provide programs which automatically generate appropriate correspondence involved in the recruitment process, such as invitations to interview. These options may also provide report and analytic software, allowing HR managers to monitor the recruitment process and to look for areas which may require improvement in order to attract the most suitable workers.

Cloud computing is particularly beneficial for companies which have offices based in different locations, allowing all staff to have access to relevant company information, including customizing the level of access that each staff has. Having easy access to information regardless of location, also allows for business managers take a more hands on approach with their HR departments.

Cloud computing is particularly beneficial for workforce management, incorporating ESS (employee self-service) in which employees can access payroll and benefit information. Similarly, the use of Cloud HR may play a large role in predictive analysis, performance management, time, and attendance. They allow for job postings to be managed more easily, generate reports based around several HR related tasks, such as sick time or employee’s vacation time. They allow employees to share files and information between departments, provide secure storage for employee evaluations, and allow managers to assign tasks to employees, matching these to employee skills and cost.

Often, cloud computing offers 24/7 dedicated support to help guide staff through any troubleshooting, employ high levels of security and regularly update their software. Cloud HR allows employees to move data between devices, such as from their computers to tablets. It provides a more positive experience for workers, motivating them to become more involved in HR related tasks, allowing them to control and manage their personal data at their own convenience.


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