Cloud HR - How can it help the Law Firms

Traditionally, businesses including Law firms, have managed their data, applications, and process, from servers based on the company’s premises. These are often associated with many costs, including set up, hardware, upgrades, management of equipment, and costs associated with hiring IT staff. In contrast, many companies are now moving towards the use of cloud computing, particularly cloud HR, which allows the IT infrastructure to be managed and accessed online using virtual server instances. These are shared between several users, reducing the company costs and leading to more cost effective solutions.

Cloud HR also provides additional solutions, such as allowing companies to access services on demand, meaning companies only pay for what they use. This reduces capital and overhead costs. Cloud computing also offers enhanced security, including back up of data and recovery services. There are several types of cloud computing to choose from which vary in flexibility and the level of control companies may have. However, they all allow companies to run applications to manage and store data online. Platform as a service (PaaS), provide applications and tools specifically created by the service provider. These allow companies to create their own new applications. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), allow companies to run any application and software on the service providers cloud hardware. Companies may choose to hire both physical and virtual service instances.

Software as Service (SaaS) is one of the most popular forms of Cloud HR, as it allows companies to run existing applications online and is often one of easiest forms of cloud computing. Employers and employees can access applications from any computer, including some mobile devices, making this choice particularly beneficial for companies with staff based across several locations and in home based offices. It allows employees to continue working collaboratively regardless of location. This is also important, as many HR departments are seeing an increase in globalization within their companies and there is an increased need for mobility within the workforce. They also offer a wide variety of different applications which can be customized to meet the needs of the business. They are flexible enough to be adapted as the companies needs change and grow and they are suitable for companies of all sizes. Cloud HR can incorporate applications which manage and administrate benefits and payroll, in addition to allowing for employees to self-service. Cloud computing can accelerate deployment of HR related tasks, provide updates and access to data in real time and are easy to use. To ensure that the correct Cloud computing solutions are chosen, many business including Law firms, are choosing to hire HR consultant companies. These companies can analyze the needs of the business including their existing applications and find ways to improve processes. They are then able to offer suggestions for ways in which departments can improve their processes in cost effective and more efficient ways.

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