Cloud HR - How can it help the Restaurant Business?

Cloud HR can be a great choice for businesses, particularly restaurants, as they provide cost effective and flexible solutions. These solutions help to support companies as they grow and expand, such as setting up new locations and branches across the country. Cloud computing can help to support sophisticated processes, allowing for enhanced communication between locations, efficient dissemination of practices, and enables staff to share information, manage and maintain company data using web based applications.

Cloud HR also mitigates the need for purchasing and implementing expensive hardware, including the costs associated with the maintenance of these. As some applications only require payment for the services used or a small monthly fee, they can also prove to be more cost effective. They may be particularly beneficial for companies who use applications periodically or whose needs change during peak times in the calendar year.

Cloud HR is a process whereby companies can use applications which are deployed, operated, and maintained by the cloud computing host or service provider. Moreover, HR departments will have a pool of pre-existing applications to choose from and which can be adapted to meet the company’s needs. As these applications are shared between customers, this decreases the cost associated with purchasing, implementing, and maintaining hardware and software on the company’s premises. These options are also flexible, allowing companies to add or remove applications as and when they need to. They are also quicker and easier to install, meaning companies can be up and running is as little as a few weeks.

There are several Cloud HR options to choose from. IaaS or infrastructure as a service software, allows companies to outsource their equipment needs to a service provider, such as hardware or storage, only paying for what they use. With SaaS, software as a service, companies use the service provider’s software applications which may include recruiting and onboarding tools, which can be purchased and run entirely over the external cloud. SaaS also means both hardware and software are shared and accessed by several customers, driving down costs. PaaS, or platform as software, allows companies to rent virtualized servers, to run their existing applications or to design their own to be operated over an external cloud.

Cloud computing, allows staff and business owners to access their company data and applications from any location. It allows for on demand self-service, such as allowing employees to access their own personal data, payroll, and timesheets. Cloud computing also allows companies spread over several locations to share their resources and information. They are also flexible, allowing for any changes in processes and applications to be disseminated across all locations in real time. Before choosing an HR cloud computing service, it is important for business owners to be aware of how their data will be maintained and secured, who to contact in the case of any performance issues or questions they may have. It is also important that owners are aware of who will have access to data, ensuring data management is in compliance with data security regulations, and if data backups will be carried out. Many companies choose to work with HR consulting firms who are able to answer these questions whilst providing assurance that data and applications will be safely managed. They also help to guide companies on choosing the most appropriate solutions for their business needs.

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