Cloud HR - How can it help the Schools

Cloud HR is just one of the methods being used by HR departments across many industries including schools, to streamline HR related tasks in ways which are more cost effective. Cloud computing integrates a variety of processes from recruitment, including administration and application tracking, to employee self-service, performance management options, administration of training and master data management. Cloud computing which integrates SaaS or software-as-a-service processes, provide many benefits. They can often be implemented quickly and easily, reduce costs associated with expensive software or IT management, and are flexible in their design, meaning they can accommodate the specific needs of the company. Being remotely based, Cloud HR means companies do not have to spend money and time continuously updating their systems to meet the changes within technology.

Cloud computing allows for applications, data and other relevant company information, to be managed and stored remotely where it is easily accessed via the internet. Cloud computing also allows for information to be secured safely, including providing a back-up of data and may be safer than storage on servers located within the companies premises, where there may be a potential for damage and loss of data.

Cloud HR also allows companies to disseminate information quickly, allows for updates to be made quickly and cost effectively, allowing companies to stay up to date and compete within their market. Cloud computing allows for all HR related tasks to be carried out using new technology including the administration of payroll and benefit information, optimizing workflow. Other HR administrative tasks may also be managed online, including virtual timekeeping and attendance, management of worker tasks, such as monitoring work flow, and assigning tasks to relevant employees. Cloud computing also enables HR staff to manage their own data, including HR budgets, allows for dynamic reporting and data analysis, helping the department to monitor the effectiveness of staff and HR processes.

Cloud HR is particularly beneficial for companies which have staff based over multiple locations, helping to improve communication between departments, to share good practice and access relevant company information regardless of location. Web document portals allow for secure archiving of HR documents and level of employee access can also be managed, such as ensuring only certain employees are able to access certain information. Not only can data be accessed and managed from any location, but in some cases, it may even be access from mobile devices, ideal for staff that are away from the office for meetings or training.

Another consideration when determining the benefits of cloud computing, are the benefits for the staff. Cloud computing enables staff to work remotely and no longer restricts companies from only recruiting staff from within their immediate area. Instead, companies can work towards attracting the best quality and highly trained staff regardless of their location.

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