Cloud HR - How can it help the Super Market Chains?

Cloud HR solutions provide software applications which can be access via the internet, making these particularly beneficial for companies with several locations, such as franchised business including Super Market Chains. They allow HR staff and employees to access information in real time including payroll and benefits information. Applications are accessed over the internet where they are securely maintained and operated by service providers. As costs are shared between several customers, this makes cloud computing a cost effective solution for many companies. Management of staff schedules, vacation, and training can also be carried out using these applications. They also allow for the recruitment process to be managed more efficiently, helping companies to attract and hire the best staff.

As data can be accessed in real time, this helps to ensure that all staff and departments are following similar procedures and have access to the same levels of data across several locations. There are several Cloud HR options to choose from, such as IaaS, Infrastructure as a service, PaaS Platform as a service and SaaS, software as a service. One of the most commonly used services is SaaS, in which applications are designed and offered to companies by service providers and are accessed via the internet. This reduces costs associated with purchasing and licensing of software, implementation, and maintenance of hardware including the costs associated with software updates. In many cases, businesses can pay for only the services that they use, again helping to reduce costs, and allowing for businesses to expand their usage during peak times or as and when required. When choosing cloud computing, it is important to identify the short and long term needs of the company, ensuring that the applications chosen allow for flexibility and customization. Companies should determine the levels of security offered by service providers including if backup services are offered.

For larger companies looking for more advanced solutions, there are premium integrated solutions available, in which the majority of HR administrative tasks can be managed entirely through the use of cloud computing. Once implemented, HR staff are free to move their attention from day to day administrative tasks and reinvest their time and training into other aspects of the business. These may include strategic business planning, analysis of current workforce data including identifying the needs of the workforce and finding ways to improve current recruitment processes. Retaining current staff is also important, and finding ways to increase levels of training and workforce satisfaction is integral. Employee self-service is often described by staff as being particularly beneficial and user friendly.

Companies often choose to utilize HR consulting services that help to guide them during the process, including choosing the most appropriate cloud computing solution and advising on how to customize these for the business needs. They also provide training on cloud based applications and advise on how to convert existing data and applications to Cloud HR. They also provide ongoing consultation after implementation, including problem solving and adaptation of software.

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