Five Benefits of Employee Self Service – Why It's Worth Doing

Employee self-service is essentially a human resources solution that utilizes a web based program to both lighten the workload of your HR department and provide your employees with more control over their data. Employee self-service can focus only on certain aspects of work such as reviewing payroll data or could encompass every aspect of HR including benefits, payroll, and more. Unicorn HRO offers the most effective and easy to use employee self-service system available and can help you setup and deliver the system to your business quickly. There are numerous reasons to consider implementing employee self-service in your business, and here are five of the main ones.

  1. Productivity – Time is money, and nothing takes up more time in your HR department than managing employee benefits and payroll data. By implementing employee self-service you'll lift a lot of burdens off the shoulders of your HR workers. Instead of being bombarded by requests from other employees they can focus on developing strategies and managing employee performance while other employees use employee self-service to answer their own questions and concerns. In other words, employee self-service can boost your profits by increasing productivity.


  1. Legal Compliance – A lot can go wrong in HR, and a single minor mistake can explode in nuclear fashion. Employee self-service ensures that errors are a thing of the past. From payroll and tax info to eligibility requirements, employee self-service will reduce the chances that you find yourself out of compliance in some area and also ensure that employees who don't qualify for certain benefits don't manage to receive them somehow. Employee self-service makes sure everything is on the up and up, no matter what it is.


  1. Web Based Is Better – Instead of spending hundreds of thousands for in house servers and software, employee self-service programs save you big by providing services through the web. You'll get the security of having your data stored elsewhere, lower costs on both employee self-service programs and hardware, and simpler use. Employees can log in to their employee self-service account from home in their free time if you choose and check facts and figures without having to have access to your office network.


  1. Automation – Employee self-service turns many basic but time consuming duties into automatic processes. Payroll information such as wages, child support deduction, 401K donations, and more are all handled automatically with employee self-service. This saves time and, as mentioned above, eliminates errors.


  1. Ease of Use – With employee self-service and employee can log into their employee self-service account and modify their information when they want without having to disrupt the HR department. If they need to add a new child to their insurance or want to change their contribution to their retirement plans, for example, employee self-service makes it easy for them to do so without ever having to bother your human resource workers.

Unicorn HRO offers the best solutions for employee self-service that you can find. With solutions for benefits administration, payroll, and more, there's no need to waste time and energy doing thing the hard way any longer. Employee self-service is the future of business and the best option for any business of any size.




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