Five Key Features of a Manager Self Service Program – What to Look For

You want to give your business all of the advantages that you can, from hiring the best employees to running the right ad campaigns. One of the best ways to help out your company even further is to invest in a manager self-service program. Manager self-service is a system that allows your manager to speed up their productivity, reduce errors, and create new strategies for your company effectively. Unicorn HRO offers manager self-service solutions that any business can use, and that can provide your business with the benefits it deserves. When you begin shopping for manager self-service systems, there are a few basic features that you'll want to look for. Here are five of the key features any good manager self-service program should have.

  1. Electronic Approval – If you implement a great manager self-service program, it could be used to compliment an employee self-service system and give you numerous bonuses. Many manager self-service programs work alongside other systems and give your managers the ability to electronically approve a variety of requests. Your manager self-service system could let supervisors electronically approve leave requests and weekly hours as submitted by their employees, speeding up several basics features of your business.
  1. Policy and Procedures Guides – Compliance is a major factor, and manager self-service programs that allow your supervisors to instantly access company policies, government regulations, and more are the best choice for your business. These manager self-service programs can save your managers time and your business money. They're one of the features of manager self-service that could literally save your company thousands due to the fines that noncompliance can bring.
  1. Employee Info – Most manager self-service systems will include the ability to check each employee's info. This manager self-service feature essentially replaces the employee file of old and includes all of the info on any employee in the company's past or present. Attendance records, leave days accumulated, pay history, and basic information will all be included in these reports. Your supervisors can access info they need quickly and efficiently thanks to manager self-service systems, helping in a number of ways.
  1. Email Notifications – Your supervisors likely won't always be looking at the manager self-service program, and a manager self-service system that sends out email alerts when issues need their attention can ensure prompt responses to anything. Manager self-service emails could include notifications about leave requests, absence alerts, and more.
  1. Performance Tracking – The very best manager self-service systems will feature the ability to track employee performance and to create great business strategies based on the information. From training programs and beyond, your manager self-service systems can help supervisors identify problem areas that need to be worked on.

Manager self-service is, simply put, one of the best ways to give your supervisors the tools to lead their department more efficiently and effectively. The above five items are only a handful of the many features you can find in manager self-service software. Implementing a system that ties into employee self-service systems and HRMS can truly give your company a powerful advantage in the marketplace.


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