Five Must Have Features in Human Resource Software

Technology has created countless advances that help today's businesses thrive. One of the best technological additions to your company is human resource software. There are many different reasons to add human resource software to your company including higher productivity, fewer errors, and easier access to data. But choosing human resource software can be difficult since so many different products are on the market today. With so many choices, you may have a hard time narrowing them down to the one that works best for you. Here are five features that any human resource software must have, regardless of your company.

  1. Database – This feature will be included in any good human resource software, and is the basic backbone on which the entire system is built. The human resource software database includes a full list of all your employees and relevant data to them including any information that would normally be in an employee file. With human resource software this data can be added to, revised, or otherwise manipulated when needed. This feature makes human resource software an easier way to manage all employee data.
  2. Payroll – Human resource software without payroll features is like a human body without a skeleton. One of the key benefits that human resource software provides is the ability to streamline the payroll process, and payroll features are a must when buying human resource software. The exact features will vary, and you can now purchase human resource software that allows you to track time, attendance, and more all in addition to basic payroll functions. Regardless of your company, your human resource software isn't complete without payroll features.
  3. Self Service – A single HR worker could spend as much as forty percent of their time dealing with employee benefits in larger companies, and adding self service options to your human resource software is the best way to avoid this issue. Human resource software that includes self service will allow employees to manage aspects of their own benefits package without bothering HR, and can save time and money while improving morale. They're a great feature to look for in human resource software.
  4. Benefits Administration – Whether your human resource software has self service, you'll still want it to include benefits administration for your HR staff. This makes managing all aspects of employee benefits easy, including eligibility and account information. Few human resource software options lack benefits administration features, but it's always worth looking for when shopping for human resource software options.
  5. Performance Management – Many businesses are looking for human resource software that allows them to track employee performance through a simple scoring system. Good human resource software can handle this as well as tracking training efforts, retention programs, and much more.

Unicorn HRO offers your business the best human resource software on the market and can provide HR solutions for your company. The above five features are only the tip of the iceberg when considering human resource software functions, and you'll be able to find a program that solves all of your needs.

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