Five Tips for Choosing a Great Payroll Service – Things to Remember

Outsourcing payroll to a payroll service is almost as common in today's workplace as computers. With the IRS fining an average of one out of every three companies that handles payroll on their own, it's easy to understand why. A reduction of errors and more productivity in your HR department make a strong case for using a payroll service. There are hundreds of companies specializing in payroll service today, and choosing the best one can be difficult to do. Luckily, there are several things that you can keep in mind that will help you select the very best payroll service possible. Here are five things to remember when choosing a payroll service.

  1. Assesses and Compare your Needs – Start by listing what you need from a payroll service. A payroll service can offer various different things, and once you understand just what you want from a payroll service you'll be better equipped to select the one that can solve all of your problems. Basic payroll services include basic tax and salary calculations for each employee, check printing and delivery or direct deposit, and regular reports. If a payroll service lacks these simple functions, you should probably look elsewhere.


  1. Look at Special Features – A great payroll service will offer features beyond just the basic ones, and many of these features could benefit your company tremendously. Look into payroll service features like 401k plan management, integration into your HR software, and more. Payroll services can do more for your company than many businesses even realize, and finding a payroll service that offers extra features can deliver benefits you didn't realize you wanted.


  1. Price – Price isn't everything, but it's still important. Once you know what each payroll service can offer you, it's easier to figure out which price is fair. Most payroll service prices will be comparable, so it's important to see what you're getting for your money. You should also be wary of hidden fees that some payroll services may try to throw at you. You could be charged for each employee you add, for switching an employee to direct deposit, or even charged a weekly processing fee. Be sure you understand the price of your payroll service before you commit.


  1. Accessibility – Being able to access payroll information from your payroll service is another important issue to consider. Look into how easy it is to access payroll history, for example. Some payroll service companies will allow you to log into an online account and view all of the info on your company, a big perk of any payroll service.


  1. Customer Service – Too many businesses overlook this aspect of their payroll service until they actually need it. Customer service is a vital part of any payroll service, so be sure that you understand their policy and how the payroll service provides you with customer service before you commit to them.

Unicorn HRO offers a variety of HR solutions including payroll service. Whether you want to integrate payroll software or outsource your payroll needs, keep the above points in mind when searching for a payroll service and you'll be satisfied.


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