Health Care Coverage for the Child Care Industry

With the recent changes currently being implemented as part of the health care reform, many industries, including the child care industry, are experiencing changes within their benefit administration. This includes the amount of employees who they are now required to offer health care coverage to and the types of plans offered. For example, businesses will no longer be able to offer coverage which imposes an annual limit, must cover preexisting conditions, and are required to cover employee’s children up to the age of 26 years. In response to this, companies are looking for ways to effectively manage and administrate benefits in ways which are more cost effective and efficient. Moreover, HR departments will be required to learn about the changes to health care coverage and how they may apply to their own company. They may be required to look for more cost effective health care options. The role of HR staff, are therefore becoming more complex and they are playing an increasingly integral role within the company. This means that companies are looking for ways in which tasks such as benefit administration, payroll and other processes, can be managed in more efficient ways, allowing HR staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Companies are choosing to employ the services of HR consultants who can help them to choose the most suitable software solutions to meet their company’s needs. One option is the ICON software as a service (SaaS) solution, which incorporates benefits and payroll administration processes which can be managed online. Employee self-service processes can also be used, allowing employees to access, update, and manage their own data. Data is managed and updated in real time, and SaaS allows for employees and managers to access relevant data from any location. These solutions not only streamline processes, but they may also reduce the number of queries received by HR staff. HR departments may also choose to manage other processes online, such as payroll administration through the use of ICON fastrak. This is another web-based application which can be implemented easily and quickly, often in as little as two weeks. Moreover, as educational settings and the child care industry often have specific requirements, such a specific calendar dates for their employers, these solutions can be customized. 

When used alongside other software solutions, such as those which administrate and manage the recruitment process, staff training, and task administration, HR departments are increasingly able to turn their attention to tasks associated with strategic business planning. They are able to become more involved in higher level tasks, such as analyzing the effectiveness of the HR department and the workforce, and developing plans to address and improve procedures. This also includes allowing HR staff more time to research and choose the most appropriate health care coverage for their company’s individual needs.

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