How to Excel at Recruiting Employees – Things to Remember

The backbone of any company is their employees.  Recruiting employees that fit well within your company is one of the keys to success, and an astonishing thirty three percent of business failures are caused by employee theft and that employee turnover can cost three times as much as the actual salary of a position, the importance of recruiting employees effectively becomes all the more clear.  But the truth is that recruiting employees is either an art or a science, depending on whom you ask, and everyone will make mistakes from time to time.  There are, however, a few things that you can remember when recruiting employees that will help improve your chances of hiring the best workers.

First of all, you need to review the position you're recruiting employees for.  It may sound like common sense, but a surprising number of errors made recruiting employees come down to simply hiring the wrong person for the job due to a misunderstanding about the position itself.  Start by looking at the position, its qualifications, and exactly what you need from a potential employee. You should know exactly what you're looking for before you begin recruiting employees, otherwise you could make serious mistakes during the actual process of interviewing and recruiting employees.

Next, look within your current talent pool when recruiting employees, especially if the job is a higher-ranking position.  Promotions mean a lot, and you may already have the perfect person for the job on your payroll.  Moving them up the ladder can boost morale and simplify the process of recruiting employees.  You'll still need to handle recruiting employees for the vacant position, but since you were going to have to fill a position anyway you should take advantage of the chance to help your current talent while you're at it.  Before you begin recruiting employees outside your company, take a look within it.

Recruiting employees doesn't just involve posting an opening on a job board.  You need to prove that you're a great place to work if you want to attract the best new hires.  When you offer great benefits and provide a unique and rewarding place to work, the word will get around.  It will make it easier when recruiting employees if people actually want to work at your company, so remember that to help simplify the task of recruiting employees you need to create a great place to work.  In other words, success at recruiting employees is a process that occurs even when your company isn't hiring.

Get creative when recruiting employees if you want to attract the best.  Most college grads use Facebook, blogs, and online job websites to help find employment.  Embrace technology when recruiting employees and you'll likely find better applicants than you might have thought possible.  And also consider using talent management software while recruiting employees.  This way you can ensure that you have the best view of all of the various applicants available, can compare their skills to the job's requirements and to other applicants, and more.  To really excel at recruiting employees, you'll need to use technology of all types.  Unicorn HRO offers software and HR solutions for recruiting employees and can help make the hiring process move more efficiently and effectively than you thought possible. 



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