HR Pet Peeves – The Do's and Don'ts of HR

Everyone has HR pet peeves.  Whether it's the tone of voice the HR department talks to them in or the way that HR never seems to answer the phone or respond to emails, HR pet peeves can be highly annoying.  But in some cases, HR pet peeves go beyond just annoyances and into the realm of actually damaging the company.  If you work in HR, you should be sure that you know the different HR pet peeves so that you can avoid them. 

If you're a manager, owner, or supervisor then you'll want to know some of these as well since certain HR pet peeves can cause compliance issues, decrease motivation, and harm a business in many other ways.  Some are actually company policy-based HR pet peeves while others could be committed by a single HR team member, but all are worth avoiding.

  • Dress Codes – You're hiring adults to work for you, and you need to treat them as such.  Some of the most common HR pet peeves are related to things like dress codes, things that most people are adult enough to handle.  If you touch on the general guidelines instead of getting down to specifics, most will be able to handle it.
  • Skill Based Hiring – It may be among the HR pet peeves that you never realize actually are HR pet peeves, but most applicants hate skill based hiring.  It hurts your business, too – an estimated eleven percent of all employee turnover is from lack of skills.  The rest is all attitude.
  • Playing the Benefit Card – When a promotion or other reward is up for grabs, HR pet peeves seem to come out of the woodwork.  Instead of focusing on those who truly deserve it, some HR workers drop hints about the possibility of promotion and watch the brownnosing, backstabbing, and scrambling begin.  If you spot these HR pet peeves, cut them off before they become a major issue.
  • Condescending Tones – Whether it's a company pep-talk or a performance review assessment, few things are as annoying or high on the list of HR pet peeves as HR workers who speak to other employees in condescending tones.
  • Clique Based Breaks – We all remember high school cliques, and one of the biggest HR pet peeves is focused solely on those very same things.  Some HR workers hang out solely with other HR workers, and that can lead to feelings of division in your company.  Like some of the other HR pet peeves, this one can lead to serious troubles.

Obviously, HR pet peeves are varied and everyone seems to have their own.  These are only a few of them, but they should serve as a good example of just what type of things constitute the various HR pet peeves and just what you'll need to be aware of to maintain a good working environment.

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