HR Trends in Fitness Centers

HR trends, including those seen within fitness centers, include the use of HR technology to reduce overall costs, provide ways to analyze data for strategic planning, and to promote more efficient operations. Some companies are moving towards cloud computing, which is particularly beneficial for larger global companies, helping them to remain competitive within the current market. Cloud computing also allows for easy access to data from any location.

Using software which offers reporting and analysis are also popular options, and allow for predictive analysis and interpretation of data. This helps many companies to determine their ability to meet the demands of the competitive workforce. As part of this predictive analysis, master data management is particularly important. This helps HR departments to collect and manage data in one area, which allows it to play a large role in the company’s strategic planning and decision making. It also provides information on the current status of the company and the company’s needs.

As part of these HR trends, HR departments are focusing on how to best train their current workers, ensuring that training is appropriate to the company’s needs, up to date, and creating a highly skilled workforce to rival those of their competitors. For this reason, HR departments are beginning to play an increasingly important role within companies.

Many tasks traditionally carried out by HR staff, are also being converted to software procedures, such as the use of self-service applications. These allow employees to have access to information regarding their own benefits and payroll, as well as providing them with the opportunity to track their own work hours and overtime. It can also be used to help manage performance appraisals. HR trends are seeing departments employ the use of portal integration to help administer these self-service applications. There are also many platforms available which can help employees to collaborate and share good practice with each other. Online platforms which use online conferencing, allows employees to collaborate on projects in real time, enhancing the efficiency of day to day operations.

New technology, may also affect how worker performance appraisals are carried out. For example, performance support software allow for performance management throughout the year. HR departments are also moving towards online recruiting, through the use of e-assessments and the use of social networking to attract new workers. Departments may choose to utilize software which helps to manage HR compliance with legislation, company document storage, HR software tools such as HRIS and HRMS, dashboards and onboarding. Integrated systems such as ICON provide comprehensive applications which support multiple tasks from recruitment, benefits administration, and enrollment, to employee self-service, such as time and attendance, payroll and tax, dashboard and human capital analytics. In many cases, HR consultants can cater for the specific needs of the company, offering fully integrated and configurable HR solutions.

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