HR Trends in Schools

As part of the HR Trends currently seen across all industries including schools, HR departments are looking for ways to streamline and encourage the efficient running of their departments. Staying up to date with the fast pace of today’s economy is particularly important to remain part of the competitive market. As success of the company often relies on the quality of the workers employed, HR departments are increasingly taking the leading role within companies. They are becoming strategic business partners, helping to attract and retain workers. However, this is not always possible when they are engaged in tasks such as payroll and benefits administration, which can be time consuming and costly for the company.

Fortunately, there are many options such as new technologies and software, which can be used to free up HR staff, enabling them to concentrate on higher end task processes. Software and technologies are increasingly being used to streamline processes such as payroll, benefits administration, including the tracking of employee time, attendance, sickness and family and medical leave. As part of these HR Trends, companies are utilizing HR consultants to advise them on the available technological options. Alternatively, companies may choose to outsource these tasks altogether, to improve their operations. Benefit and payroll software can also allow employees to have direct access to their personal information, including benefit information.

Companies are also moving towards master data management, in which all company and employee related data is centralized into one area. Data can be quickly and easily accessed, report and analytic software can be used alongside it, allowing companies to make strategic planning decisions based on their current status. For large companies, this is particularly beneficial, enabling departments to stay in contact with each other, share good practice, and communicate in real time. Company’s decisions are often based on data driven analysis and so the quality of the data maintained is equally as important as how it is stored. New technologies can provide ongoing quality assurance and any HR consulting companies which specialize in HR management, can provide advice to companies on which data sets to keep, based on their individual needs. Quality of the data maintained is also important, and new technologies can provide quality assurance and ensure that data maintained is relevant for optimum decision making based on data driven analysis.

Developments in technology as part of these HR trends, allow for HR departments to adapt quickly to market demands, and administrate efficient and quality training to their current workers. Training can be administered with the use of video conferencing, e-learning, accessing workshops outside of the organization, and ultimately increasing current workers knowledge and skill set for the benefits of the business. Attracting new workers is also important, and finding ways to streamline and make the recruitment process easier, helps businesses to compete with others for available talent.

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