Manager Self Service and the Positive Impacts on Your Company – Why It's Worth It

There are countless HR tools and strategies out there that you can utilize to move your company forward, and one of the best is adding a manger self-service system to your company. By implementing manager self-service you'll provide your supervisors with tools that they can use to boost their performance and that of their team in various ways. Unicorn HRO offers manager self-service solutions that any business of any size can use to improve their company in numerous ways. There are many positive impacts that manager self-service will have on your company, some greater than others. Here's a look at some of the ways that manager self-service can help your business.

Manager self-service can greatly reduce the costs of running your business, in more ways than one. First, manager self-service speeds up the basic processes that a manager must fill. Instead of having to thumb through paperwork to find the right data on the right employee, the information is a click away thanks to manager self-service. Managing all aspects of employee data is a simple and quick process. Also, manager self-service improves a manager's ability to notice issues with employee attendance or tardiness, letting them deal with issues before they become a serious problem and saving you money.

This last point helps to highlight the real benefits that manager self-service can provide – efficiency and effectiveness. By having the ability to monitor employee information quickly and accurately your supervisors can get a good picture of where each employee shines and where they need improvement. Manager self-service allows your managers to develop training plans and department strategies that will maximize efficiency and productivity. Not only will your supervisors' jobs move more smoothly thanks to manager self-service, but they can also help to guide their employees towards more efficient performance as well. Manger self-service simply makes it easier for your each of your supervisors to lead their team.

A benefit of manager self-service that might surprise some employers is an increase in compliance. Managing a large or even mid-sized department involves a lot, and many compliance issues can slip through the cracks without manager self-service. Some could be minor, like an employee who received sick pay when they didn't qualify for it. Others could be serious, like failure to notice a violation of the ADA regulations. Manager self-service creates a database that can be used to easily access all sorts of compliance related information. In short, manager self-service can keep you on the right side of a variety of different laws.

Recruitment and employee management can be made simpler with manager self-service, too. From viewing open positions and comparing them to applicants in the database quickly to simply reviewing employee performance reviews, manager self-service can help with talent attraction and retention, a major key to business success. Obviously, manager self-service can benefit your company in myriad ways. The investment is minimal when you consider all of the benefits that can come from effective manager self-service, and Unicorn HRO can help implement your new system and move your company forward in the business world.


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