Managing Open Enrollment With Technology – Using it Effectively

Open enrollment can be a pain for HR workers in your company and can actually bring most other HR functions to a screeching halt until the open enrollment process is completed. Some research has found that basic HR efficiency can be reduced by eighty percent or higher due to open enrollment, although that figure represents companies that are unprepared for the process. Preparation is one key to smooth open enrollment, but one of the greatest tools you can use to help make open enrollment easy is technology. Every step of the open enrollment process can be simplified by using technology, and as a company you can't afford to ignore what it can do for you during this event.

Begin your use of technology for open enrollment very early. Analyze the trends in your benefits, such as which programs are being embraced and which are being ignored. You can use the data to help decide what to offer during your upcoming open enrollment process. And consider sending out an email survey to all employees that asks just what matters to them in an insurance or retirement plan policy. This way you'll be able to adequately assess just what your employees want and whether or not you can offer it to them. This avoids needless time spend searching for a great plan when open enrollment begins.

The next way to use technology for open enrollment is to share information with your employees. Emails or links to sites with info on the open enrollment process, as well as information on the various policies that you'll be offering, can help them make a decision on what they need or want prior to the actual date that open enrollment begins. This reduces confusion and the amount of inquiries made to your HR department since employees have had ample time to find the right policy prior to open enrollment. If they're fully informed then once open enrollment begins they can simply sign up for their desired plan.

Self-service is a great feature of technology, and using it for open enrollment can help the process tremendously. Start self-service options a week ahead of the open enrollment date, and you'll be surprised at how many employees take advantage of it. By being able to review policies and sign up from their own computer, the mass confusion that open enrollment often brings with it will vanish. Most programs will allow your HR workers to review the info of employees who've signed up online and approve them if they qualify or send out requests for other info if needed. It's the easiest way to reduce the stress of open enrollment.

Your HR department will rely on technology during open enrollment to actually sign up employees, so making the next step and implementing technology into each phase of open enrollment is the logical progression from that. Unicorn HRO offers open enrollment solutions including outsourcing and technology. If you want to keep your HR department moving smoothly along during open enrollment, embracing technology is the best way to do so. From early planning all the way through to the end of the open enrollment period, there's no better tool for streamlining and managing open enrollment.

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