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If you're one of the many companies that are embracing employee self-service due to the many different benefits it can provide to your company, then there's another aspect that you may want to look into.  HR mobile apps are becoming the standard method of delivering employee self-service in many cases, and in others is a very nice bonus to an already excellent service.  HR mobile apps provide many of the basic features that traditional self-service modules deliver, but they do so from a smart phone or even a tablet.  In other words, HR mobile apps deliver some of the best possible experiences and best benefits for your company that money can buy.  If you're unaware of just what HR mobile apps can do, take a closer look to see what you're missing.

  • Using HR mobile apps, an employee can take a closer look at a huge variety of their payroll and benefit information.  HR mobile apps will let them view payroll and tax information as well as take a look at attendance and leave information.
  • HR mobile apps often allow workers to submit leave requests to their superiors, and then allow superiors to use their mobile devices to approve or deny those very same requests.
  • Employees can often use HR mobile apps to view their current insurance and retirement benefits packages and on occasion will even facilitate changes.  In other words, some HR mobile apps allow for mobile employee benefits self-service.
  • Employees can also usually utilize HR mobile apps to make certain changes to their information such as modifying emergency contact information, changing tax information, address changes, and other such information. 
  • In certain cases HR mobile apps can even be used to submit applications to jobs that allow it.
  • Some companies utilize HR mobile apps to facilitate punching in and out of time clocks along with GPS functionality for security.
  • Thanks to HR mobile apps, human resource departments are often free from the burdens of constantly dealing with minor requests from employees.  When you consider that in some cases over twenty hours each week could be spent managing basic HR requests that HR mobile apps would eliminate, that increase in productivity can be staggering.
  • Basically, HR mobile apps simplify everyone's life.  From the employee trying to figure out how many vacation days they have left to the HR worker whose time is really better spent on other matters, adding HR mobile apps to your employees' smart phones is one choice that you won't regret.  You'll see an increase in productivity and efficiency, which usually means an increase in overall profit.  Simply put, there are few solutions out there that bring the same level of benefits that these mobile apps can provide to your company.

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