Mobile Apps and Employee Self Service – The Future is Mobile

There are few valid arguments that smartphones haven't changed the very face of the planet.  Today, mobile apps range from the cutesy to the highly functional, and they're having a very real impact on the face of human resources and employee self-service.  HR mobile apps are available for every level of employee, from your human resource officers to basic employees, and they provide a wide range of different benefits and uses.  While you may think that you know all that HR mobile apps, the truth is that they've already evolved further than most realize.  Using HR mobile apps unlocks a world of different possibilities for your business and your employees and provides you with so many benefits.  Technology is a wondrous thing, and HR mobile apps are perfect examples of that fact.

  • HR mobile apps allow employees to clock in and out of work from their smart phones and feature GPS functionality to ensure honesty.
  • HR mobile apps allow workers to monitor their own salary and payroll information without bothering the human resources department.
  • Employees can use HR mobile apps to submit leave requests to the HR department and to receive responses.  They can also review their history of leave and attendance information.
  • Employee benefits can be self-managed through the use of HR mobile apps.
  • Employees of larger companies can access the employee directory through HR mobile apps and find the person they need to locate quickly.
  • Managers can review leave requests and approve or deny them through the HR mobile apps.
  • Managers may even be able to use HR mobile apps to view applicant data and review applications.

Obviously, there are plenty of ways that HR mobile apps can help your company.  Here's a quick look at what the above uses can translate into in terms of rewards and benefits.

  • Higher Productivity – Since employees are managing most of their own information, they can do so on their own time and without bothering your human resources department.  That means that workers will be able to improve their productivity by not dealing with various HR related tasks.
  • Better Profit – That increased productivity means that your company may be able to boost its profits significantly, all through the use of HR mobile apps.
  • Lower Costs – Traditional ESS often requires computers and software that may or may not be affordable.  HR mobile apps place all that functionality right on your smart phone or tablet.

Basically, choosing employee self-service plans that feature mobile apps is an important way to maximize the overall effectiveness of your self-service plans.  They're usually free to add to a package or cost little extra, and are useful for virtually every employee of every level in your company.  Mobil technology is more effective and efficient than ever before, so don't overlook what it can do for you.

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