Simplifying FMLA Management – What You Need to Know

The Family Medical Leave act of 1993, or the FMLA, puts forth strict regulations that employers must follow concerning their employees' rights to take leave to provide medical care for their family members.  Failure to follow good FMLA management rules could result in serious troubles for any business, especially a small to mid-sized one since the fines or lawsuit settlements could be severe.  But in order to properly obey all of the laws laid down by the law, a company's HR department must be vigilant in FMLA management.  There are several different aspects of FMLA management that involve more than some might expect, and effective FMLA management is important. 

The first step of FMLA management is that you'll have to be able to check to ensure just whether or not an employee requesting leave qualifies for it.  Any employee who's worked for you at least twelve months in a full time position qualifies, but in larger and even mid-sized companies the exact start date will need to be double checked.  If an employee doesn't qualify for leave you have just two days to give them written notification of the fact, which is important in FMLA management.  You'll also want to keep tabs on just how many days of leave an employee has taken if you want to be effective at FMLA management, since only twelve weeks of unpaid leave are allowed under the laws.  Obviously, FMLA management can be time consuming and complex.

Things can get additionally complicated when dealing with FMLA management.  For example, if your business employees a married couple then you're only required to give twelve weeks of leave to be shared between them in the event of a child's birth, so FMLA management will need to track this.  And as part of FMLA management you can regularly check back in with any employee on leave to inquire about their progress and their intentions on returning to work.  It's also important to note that while you can't demote an employee for taking leave, you can move them into a position of similar stature, pay, and duties.  This means that if you need to hire someone to take over their position, you're within your rights to do so as part of your FMLA management strategy.

Simplifying FMLA management is simpler than you might think, however.  FMLA management software from Unicorn HRO can lessen the workload of FMLA management on your human resources department.  FMLA management can take a lot of effort and cut down on productivity in the workforce, but using good FMLA management software will allow your HR workers to track employee's attendance, the days of leave that they've taken, qualifications for leave, and much more.  When it comes to boosting productivity and ensuring that no FMLA management errors occur, software solutions are your best option.

You can also outsource your FMLA management needs, of course, but many companies prefer to keep FMLA management in-house.  With great software solutions like the ones that Unicorn HRO offers, it's easier than ever to keep all of your FMLA management inside your company and still avoid non-compliance.

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