Streamlining Benefits Enrollment – Simplifying the Chaos

If ever there were two words that could strike fear into the heart of a human resources employee, they would certainly be 'open enrollment.' Tthe brief annual event that allows employees of a company to change or enroll in the various insurance, retirement, or other benefit packages offered by a company can be among the most chaotic endeavors an HR worker will ever endure. But like most other events in the workplace, a few simple steps can greatly simplify the benefits enrollment process and help even the largest companies streamline their enrollment period. These few pointers about benefits enrollment will help not only the human resources department, but every employee in the company as well.

First of all, begin by informing all of your employees about not only the upcoming benefits enrollment, but also about the various options available to them. Knowledge is power, and in the case of benefits enrollment that power can help reduce the workload on your HR department tremendously. Hold a benefits enrollment meeting if you need to, answering any questions that your employees may have about their options. Hand out brochures or booklets that detail the differences and requirements for each benefit that they'll be enrolling in. Retirement and health insurance are the top two benefits, so these will be of the most concern to your employees. If they understand exactly what they want to do prior to the benefits enrollment period, they'll have fewer questions for your HR workers.

To really simplify the benefits enrollment process, consider using software like benefits enrollments administration programs. You can begin the benefits enrollment a week early for those willing to handle the task on their own, for example, and they can log on to their computers and access the needed info for enrollment. This allows employees to manage their own benefits enrollment without ever bothering the HR department, and starting it early will cut down on the chaos when your 'official' benefits enrollment begins. Everyone in today's workplace is so familiar with technology that this method of simplifying benefits enrollment will likely be much easier than you might suspect.

And of course, you don't have to shy away from outsourcing during for benefits enrollment. Your HR department will have to carry out all of their other duties while managing benefits enrollment and this can put serious strains on them. Think about letting an outside company manage the benefits enrollment period for you. Often the organization that you have your benefits packages with will be able to handle these duties for you, so help is often a bit closer than you might realize. Organizations like Unicorn HRO have years of experience and can simplify your entire benefits enrollment experience.

With great companies like Unicorn HRO ready to help you through the benefits enrollment process and a number of great benefits administration software more than capable of simplifying the benefits enrollment process, it's easier than ever to transform benefits enrollment from a nightmare of epic proportions into just another day at the office. Consider meeting with your HR department and getting feedback from them in order to really develop the best benefits enrollment plan possible for your company. After all, they probably know better than you do just what the areas that need to be addressed are.

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