The Benefits of FMLA Management Software – How it can Help You

The FMLA might seem like a huge burden to employers, but the statistics reveal a different and surprising truth altogether.  Although more than fifty million employees have taken leave under its laws, ninety percent of businesses have reported that FMLA leave has a positive or a neutral effect on their business.  The only trick part of the situation comes in FMLA management.  Failure to adequately handle FMLA management can result in serious problems within your company and could cost you big.  And while FMLA management is something that most companies would like to avoid, the truth is that any company with more than fifty employees must efficiently handle FMLA management. 

FMLA management software like the system provided by Unicorn HRO can help you with every aspect of FMLA management, from employee eligibility to temporary filling of positions.  The cost is low compared to the many benefits that FMLA management software provides, leaving most employers to look at it as an investment rather than an expense.  If you're worried about non-compliance or tired of your human resources department spending all of their time dealing with FMLA management, it's well worth looking into purchasing FMLA management software from Unicorn HRO.

The most important way that FMLA management software can help your company is simply through ensuring that you remain compliant.  Failure to provide qualifying employees with their leave can hurt your business through lawsuits and fines, and FMLA management software will quickly tell you if an employee qualifies.  You can also easily track the number of leave days taken by an employee and judge when you need to check in with them thanks to FMLA management software.  Everything from previously taking all of their allotted leave days to simply not working for your company long enough could make employees ineligible for leave, and FMLA management software lets you check on these issues with ease. 

Increased productivity is the other major benefit that investing in FMLA management software will provide.  Your HR department is likely swamped with work, and FMLA management can take time away from their day.  Instead of working on hiring or retaining employees they're left dealing with FMLA management issues.  With FMLA management software, the process of handling leave requests or tracking leave days or employees on leave is simpler than ever.  Your HR department can focus their attentions on more important things and help your company move forward, all thanks to FMLA management software.

With FMLA management software more affordable and effective than ever, there's really no reason for a company not to invest in it.  Some may prefer outsourcing their FMLA management needs, and that too is a great option.  But keeping your FMLA management process within the walls of your company can be a much simpler option, especially when you use FMLA management software from Unicorn HRO.  To boost your HR department's creativity and to ensure that your business stays on the right side of the Family Medical Leave Act's laws at all times, investing in software solutions for FMLA management is a smart move that you won't regret.

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