Tracking PTO/Paid Time Off Made Simple – Easy Solutions for a Serious Problem

Did you know that the vast majority of your employees will likely take at least three untracked PTO/paid time off days each year? Or that poorly managed PTO/paid time off costs large companies up to three hundred thousand dollars annually, with smaller to mid-sized businesses still feeling the sting of at least a few thousand dollars? If you weren't aware of the surprising costs of PTO/paid time off mismanagement, you aren't alone. Most companies never realize how much the issue is costing them, mainly due to the fact that the errors simply aren't noticed. Tracking PTO/paid time off effectively can save your business thousands, and is something you simply can't overlook.

First, realize that your employees aren't trying to rob you blind through PTO/paid time off. In many cases, the employee who takes PTO/paid time off doesn't even realize that their PTO/paid time off hasn't been tracked until long after it has happened. By then, they likely won't report the mistake because it's only benefitting them, and because they may not realize the costs either. The real problem lies in the tracking of the PTO/paid time off, often a responsibility that lies with managers, supervisors, or the HR department.

Investing in good PTO/paid time off software is the first step you should take. Filing paperwork and forms is a tedious affair, and in the case of PTO/paid time off it's usually not a manager's top priority. In many cases PTO/paid time off tracking simply gets lost in the shuffle of a busy day. With PTO/paid time off software you can give your employees the tools that they need to track PTO/paid time off with ease. A few simple mouse clicks and the task is done. In some systems, especially those linked in with payroll and HR software, the tracking is practically automatic.

Send out a memo or, even better, call a manager's meeting to address the PTO/paid time off problem. Share the figures with your supervisors about just how expensive mismanaged PTO/paid time off can really be. In many cases they won't realize the expense until you explain it to them. Institute stricter rules about PTO/paid time off, and introduce your managers to the PTO/paid time off software you've invested in. They'll likely be more than willing to utilize the new software, especially if you've been using old and outdated systems for tracking PTO/paid time off.

PTO/paid time off software is easy to add to your company and easy for your managers and HR department to use. Unicorn HRO features some of the best PTO/paid time off tracking tools on the market today, and can quickly help you eliminate ineffective PTO/paid time off tracking in your workplace. Your company can only make profit by cutting down on your costs, and losing money in the workplace is more common than many businesses realize. PTO/paid time off is one area that the losses can be huge without ever being noticed in the least. Take the time to look into what PTO/paid time off tracking tools can do for your company, and the decision to utilize them is an easy one.



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