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Venture capital startups are among the riskiest investments out there, but they yield some of the highest returns.  And while they carry risk, they're also quite capable of major success.  Accounts related to venture capital make up 21 percent of the GDP and roughly eleven percent of jobs in the private sector are for companies backed by venture capital.  That means that despite the economy and some people's opinions on it, venture capital still matters.  If you're starting up a business based on this type of investment, you'll want to put your efforts on building that company up, not on the minutia that a company carries with it.  Outsourcing HR payroll and other aspects of the human resources department just makes more sense in these situations.

Unless you're a truly unique individual, you likely didn't raise your venture capital just so you could start a company and focus on setting up HR payroll and employee benefits accounts.  And honestly, there's a good chance that if you don't outsource HR payroll and other HR functions, you'll be doing your venture capital company a huge disservice.  That's because instead of focusing on generating leads and attracting clients you'll be focused on HR payroll and benefits set up, something that those investor who gave you the venture capital won't be too happy about.

Simply put, there's really no reason not to outsource your HR payroll and other startup issues so that you can focus on building your venture capital enterprise.  You can avoid the large costs associated with hiring a small army of HR professionals and with buying the equipment that is needed to facilitate the different operations of an HR department.  You'll save a large chunk of your initial venture capital by outsourcing and likely get better results since you're trusting your efforts to the professionals who have years upon years of experience.  In other words, you'll get better results for less money and be able to take yourself and your company closer to success.

You need to focus on spending your venture capital wisely and building the strongest company possible.  That's why so many people starting venture capital companies decide to outsource their HR payroll and other HR functions.  It lets you focus on revenue generating activities instead of setting up a foundation for your company.  Both are important, but when lots of venture capital is in play you'll need to be judicious with where you place your time and energy, and that usually means letting outsourcing companies handle things like recruiting, benefits, HR payroll, and developing other aspects of your HR department.  Then you'll be free to focus on getting the profits and results that so many other venture capital companies have managed to provide for themselves.

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