Wellness in the Workplace – Ways to Promote It

A company is like a well-oiled machine, and when it's firing on all cylinders it's a wonder to behold.  But when a few of the cogs grow rusty, production can slow and costs can climb.  This analogy applies perfectly to wellness in the workplace.  A rusty cog – your unhealthy employee – can cause a number of problems.  At best, they'll simply have a slower pace of work that will cost you in productivity.  At worst, you'll find that your insurance rates climb because of the unhealthy nature of your employees.  And in some cases, the sick days and absences can lead to major loss of profit, productivity, and more.  That's why you need to promote wellness in the workplace at every chance you get.

Wellness in the workplace doesn't necessarily mean having morning workout routines each day like many business owners think.  There are numerous ways to go about promoting wellness in the workplace that are less intensive but can have very real impacts on the overall health of your employees.  And when you consider that over seventy four percent of major companies in a recent poll rank lowered health related costs among the main reasons to foster wellness in the workplace, doing so just makes sense.  Here are a few ways to boost wellness in the workplace with relative ease.

  • Strike a deal with a nearby fitness center so that you can offer your employees discounted memberships as a wellness in the workplace perk.
  • Turn your facility into a smoke-free one – both inside and out.
  • Think about adding healthy snacks to the vending machines and replacing soda with juice or water.  It's a small wellness in the workplace effort, but one that has many benefits.
  • Occasional seminars about healthy lifestyle choices or exercise options may be a possibility – bring in experts to have short discussions with your employees.
  • Some wellness in the workplace efforts can be fun, too.  You may structure a contest to see who can lose the most weight or improve their BMI the most, for instance, and offer a small bonus for doing so.  Plenty of wellness in the workplace contests are possible.
  • You can even bring in vaccines during flu season to ensure everyone gets a flu shot.
  • If you have the space, consider adding a small workout space for employees to use during lunch or before and after work.  A treadmill and weight bench are often enough to get wellness in the workplace started.

Simply put, there are plenty of different ways that you can foster wellness in the workplace and start experiencing the benefits it can bring.  With higher productivity from improved energy and morale as well as less sick days and lower health insurance costs, there's really no reason not to add a few wellness in the workplace measures to your business and start striving for better overall fitness.

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