What Makes up Great Payroll Customer Service – The Features You Need

Payroll is outsourced or automated more than any other aspect of HR, and for good reason. It can be one of the most time consuming processes of an HR department, and one that is very easy to automate with software or to outsource to other companies. If you're considering doing either, you'll want to be sure that you take the time to review the level of payroll customer service each company can offer you. Good payroll customer service means a lot of things, and just what makes a company's payroll customer service excellent really depends on what they're providing you. Before you commit to any payroll company, keep a few things in mind about their payroll customer service.

First, consider what you need from payroll customer service. If you're going to be using an automated program and keeping most of your payroll functions within your office then you'll likely want to ensure that payroll customer service can help you deal with any issues related to the software, especially technical support. If you'll be outsourcing payroll, then good payroll customer service involves much more. Most will provide you with regular reports, but good payroll customer service means being able to request any payroll related information and receive it quickly. If you need the stats for employee salaries or attendance over the last six months, you should be able to get it through payroll customer service.

Once you know what you need, start looking into the specifics of each company's payroll customer service. First, find out how you can contact them for help. Some companies will offer a number of contact methods including email, online chat, and telephone. Remember that the more options you have for reaching payroll customer service, the better off you'll be. Next, be sure that the hours you can contact payroll customer service connect closely with the hours you'll be needing them. If your company is in California and your payroll is handled in Atlanta, there's a three hour difference that could cause you troubles. Twenty four hour support is great when you can find it.

The method that help is delivered to you through payroll customer service is vital. Emailing or faxing you needed data is a must, and prompt replies should be expected from any payroll customer service group. If you're using payroll software and you can't manage to fix it yourself, payroll customer service from the company you're dealing with should be more than willing to give you assistance by sending out a representative. Poor payroll customer service isn't something you should tolerate. Finally, it's worth noting that you shouldn't expect to pay an extra fee for payroll customer service. Help should be included in your outsourcing or automation fee.

It's important that you're satisfied with the level of service that payroll customer service can give to you. If you have a bad experience with payroll customer service, you should certainly consider moving your business to another company. You're paying for solutions and payroll customer service, and deserve to get the best for your money. Unicorn HRO features outstanding payroll customer service to go along with its payroll software and outsourcing solutions, ensuring that you'll be more than satisfied when you trust them with your payroll needs.

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