What to Look for in an HRMS – Key Features you Need

Every business is different. It could be something as major as the exact service that you provide or as simple as the employees that you have under your roof, but no two businesses will ever be exactly alike. Most companies, however, do utilize an HRMS to help with some of their basic HR functions. But like companies, no two HRMS solutions will be exactly alike despite having many of the same basic features. Choosing a good HRMS depends on a number of different things, but in the end it all comes down to just what the system can do for your company. Here are a few of the key features you need to look for when you begin the search for a great HRMS.

First of all, look at the basic features offered by an HRMS. These could include payroll, benefits administration, recruitment management, training management, and much more. Your specific HRMS needs will be unique, but a great HRMS will cover all that you need and then some. Keep in mind that even if an extra feature that you don't need may cost a bit more, you could end up needing it in the future as your company grows. Consider the future of your company as well as its present to get the most from your HRMS.

Now look beyond those basic features and into the more advanced things your HRMS can offer to you. For example, benefits administration can greatly reduce the workload of your HR department but adding benefits administration self-service to the HRMS means that your workers can each log into the HRMS and manage their benefits themselves without ever involving HR beyond the occasional modification approval. This could apply to a number of different benefits and is a great addition to any good HRMS. Extra abilities like this are the difference between an average HRMS and a great one.

You can also use an HRMS to improve strategies for your company's inner workings. A good HRMS will provide HR metrics that you can use to review various aspects of your company including specific numbers about employee turnover rate, the average costs of turnovers or new hires, and much more. The info you glean from your HRMS data can be used to discover specific areas your HR department is lacking in, details about where your company is losing money, and much more. If you're serious about your company's future you can't afford to buy an HRMS that lacks the ability to provide HR metrics to you.

Finally, even the best HRMS is useless if your workers can't use it. Simple to use interfaces combined with great, powerful features are must-have features of any good HRMS. Choosing a great HRMS involves looking at all of the above features and comparing each HRMS to your company's needs. Unicorn HRO offers the easiest to use system but also one that delivers all that your company expects and deserves. From management of basic company info to the in-depth features mentioned above, there's no better way to improve each aspect of your company than with a rock-solid and highly effective HRMS.

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