Why Employee Background Checks Matter – Surprising Facts and Figures

Employee background checks are a bone of contention for a lot of new employees. Even some employers hesitate to use employee background checks because they're concerned about the cost and the potential for 'scaring off' some applicants. The truth is that employee background checks are a must for companies operating today, no matter the size. And with the help of companies like Unicorn HRO they are more affordable than ever as well. Any good employee will have nothing to hide and employee background checks won't scare them away. Instead they'll help you weed out the good from the bad and ensure that your workplace is the safest and most pleasant that it can be.

A quick look through some of the facts related to employee background checks will uncover the real need for them. First let's start with a look at what employee background checks usually uncover. On thirty nine percent of employee background checks at least one flag was discovered. Flags on employee background checks signal an inaccurate representation of information or a serious issue. Ten percent of employee background checks find evidence of criminal history and an incredible forty four percent find driving related issues. Twenty three percent of employee background checks found that applicants had lied about previous employment information and sixty percent of applicants lie about college or university information.

While this should highlight some of the reasons that employee background checks should always be used, the situation becomes much clearer when you take a look at the information concerning the results of hiring the wrong employees, issues that can be avoided with employee background checks. Thirty percent of small business failures in America are a direct result of employee theft and the total business losses due to embezzlement top four billion dollars each year. One out of every six violent crimes in the country happens at the workplace, making up eighteen percent of all violent crimes. And since employee background checks could reduce these numbers, lawsuits against employers as a result of negligent hiring regularly exceeds one million dollars. Compared to the low cost of employee background checks, that number is very revealing.

Staying with the violent crime information for a moment and its importance to employee background checks, consider that violent crime costs employers over thirty six billion dollars each year and that most of these crimes are committed by someone who had flags employee background checks would have uncovered. And since most of your new hires will be coming straight from college it's important to note that over thirty seven percent of college students admit to criminal activity. In short, employee background checks are the only real way to ensure that the person you're hiring is actually who they say that they are.

Today's marketplace is filled with competition and difficulties and employee background checks are one more tool that you can use to protect your business. From the safety of your employees to protection from fraud and theft, employee background checks are vital. Unicorn HRO offers solutions for employee background checks in addition to their other great services. If you want to protect your business' future, you can't ignore employee background checks.

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