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Big Data Talent Analytics Tools Have Arrived

Posted Friday, June 26, 2015 by Unicorn HRO

The types of relational databases which have traditionally been used by many companies are no longer adequate to manage the sheer amount of data generated by these businesses in today’s society. In response, many software vendors have begun to design big data analytic tools which allow for the recording, sharing, dissemination, visualization and analysis of large data sets. These tools are also designed to be able to manage the speed with which data becomes available and incorporate functions that allow for the processing of high volume data.  

Identifying the right analytics tool is an important first step for any company and one which must consider the objectives of the organization, the values, the type of data to be managed and how the data is to be used. Fortunately, another important feature of these tools is how well they are able to be customized and adapted to meet the needs of the organization. In addition to triangulating company data from multiple resources, analytic tools are able to provide data reports which allow for easy analysis, and include dashboards which allow for enhanced visualization and data mining. Many of these analytics tools are also incorporating additional features such as predictive analytics tools, which help companies to consider the direction in which they are moving. 

A recent trend in the industry is that of talent management, and many data software vendors have been responsive to this and have begun to develop big data talent analytic tools. Companies who choose to apply big data analytic tools to talent management have recognized that these tools can facilitate the recruitment and employee management process, enabling departments to apply analytic features to these processes. In addition to helping businesses attract the best talent and reduce staff turnover, applying analytics to talent data has multiple benefits;  it provides HR departments with the ability to analyze correlations between job descriptions and employee retention, to perform resume analytics and develop more accurate recruitment processes in the future. These tools also allow HR departments to implement better screening systems and work alongside online referral programs.  

Big data talent analytic tools can be a great way for companies to take their recruitment processes to the next level, as they are vital when companies are competing alongside each other to both attract and retain the best workforce and to secure the future of their business. 




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