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New Jersey Releases Gender Equity Notice

Posted Thursday, January 23, 2014 by Human Capital Editor

Equifax’s latest Labor & Employment Compliance Bulletin highlights the release of the long awaited New Jersey Gender Equity Notice. All New Jersey employers with an employee population of at least 50, regardless of how many actually work in the state itself will be required to distribute this notification to employees. As of January 6, 2014 all employers must distribute the notice to new hires. Additionally, all current employees need to receive a copy of the notice before February 5, 2014 and after that date there is an ongoing requirement that the notice be distributed once annually to all employees before December 31st every year. Employees will need to sign an acknowledgement stating they have read and understand the notice, and return it within 30 days of receipt. For more information please read the full December Labor & Employment Compliance Bulletin.

You might also find the August Equifax Labor & Employment Compliance Bulletin interesting as it highlights how a recent decision in the second circuit found that a company owner/CEO was personally liable for Fair Labor Standards Act violations even though he was not directly responsible for such violations. Additionally, the October 18th blog article, 5 Reasons to Automate Annual Employee Notifications for HR Compliance, outlines best practices for employee notification distribution, acknowledgement, reporting and retention. Equifax’s Compliance Center can help you reduce risk and improve efficiency while managing your annually required employee notifications.

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