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Five Signs it's Time to Use a Human Resource Management System – Things to Watch For

Posted Monday, January 02, 2012 by Unicorn HRO

There's a reason that well over half of all small businesses and virtually all larger ones use a human resource management system of some kind. Few things can boost your business quite like a human resource management system. While most smaller companies rely solely on payroll solutions, there are a wide range of other HR functions that a human resource management system can help your employees with. Knowing when to invest in a human resource management system can be easier than you think, as well. There are clear signs that it's time you upgraded your business with a human resource management system. Here are five of them. Continue reading...

How to Pick the Best HR Software for Your Company – Factors to Consider

Posted Monday, December 19, 2011 by Unicorn HRO

In today's competitive marketplace, your business needs all of the help that you can give it. From marketing to attracting the best employees, there are a variety of different tools that can boost your profits. HR software is one method that you can employ to help increase productivity, reduce errors, and use to devise better strategies to lead your company into the future. There are a number of different features that HR software should have, and keeping the different features in mind can help you select HR software that exceeds your expectations. Here are some things that can help you pick the best HR software for your company. Continue reading...

Secrets of Great Talent Management – What You Should Know

Posted Monday, December 12, 2011 by Unicorn HRO

Every business is only as good as its employees, and the process of attracting and managing those employees is known as talent management. While it is at its most basic level a fairly straightforward process, talent management is actually a very complex system that relies on a huge variety of different tools and skills to truly master. From the efficiency of your HR department to the skills that your managers and supervisors bring to the table, talent management is a system that involves your entire company. To truly master talent management, you'll have to understand the basic fundamentals of it. Here are some of the basic secrets behind effective talent management. Continue reading...