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Recruiting Myths and how HR can avoid them

Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2016 by Unicorn HRO

It goes without saying that every company (as well as the HR staff who work with them) want to attract the best possible candidates for employment. However, many businesses fail to do so due to strategies which are, at best, outdated.   By adapting to new trends, companies can use new methods to hire candidates which fit best into their company’s culture.  Below are some recruiting myths, as well as how to avoid them.

If your company’s reputation is great, you will attract great employees

HR staff working at a company with a solid record of success might think that the company’s reputation should do the work of attracting the best candidates for employment.  However, while this might be true in a few cases, a company needs to be vigilant and actively look for employees who are best suited to work for that business.  After all, the best candidates get easily hired, and might not think to work for a company with a good reputation if they’re already happy working somewhere else.  Instead of relying on their company’s reputation, HR staff should craft acquisition strategies for how best to attract suitable candidates by utilizing data such as People Analytics and identifying the best types of employees via practices like candidate relationship management.

Technology is the key to hiring great employees

As technology is so widely used in today’s business world to advertise jobs and create a pool of applicants for any given position, some HR staff have fallen into the danger of relying too much on it to provide the best candidates.  It’s important for every HR staff member to know that their skills and experience are the most important tools for identifying new talent, and that these should be utilized primarily when looking for a new hire. 

The job interview provides you with the best applicant

The main pitfall of job interviews is that an underqualified applicant might be able to sell themselves well in the interview, but not be up to meeting the needs of the position once hired.  At the same time, the best candidates might undersell themselves, causing HR staff to miss an opportunity for hiring the best person for the job.  It’s important when interviewing to ask the right questions, listen carefully to how the candidate answers the question, and not be afraid to get feedback from fellow HR staff as to what their opinion is on any given applicant.

The perfect employee can be found

One of the biggest myths that many companies believe is that the perfect employee is out there waiting to be hired if the company holds out long enough.  It should be understood that there are no such things as a “perfect candidates,” and to wait on them to present  themselves can cause the hiring process to be long and drawn out, which could negatively affect the company.  HR staff should be willing to look at each candidate, and consider hiring them even if they don’t check every mark for the requirements of the job.  Although some employees might not meet all the requirements or have the experience, it’s important to look at a candidate’s skill set to see if those skills can be successfully transferred to the position. Via on-the-job training and helping the employee develop their roles at the company, although a “perfect” employee cannot be made, it is possible to help foster one to where they can be the best fit for the position. 

These myths, if not recognized, can hamper a company’s success.  By being aware of them as well as how to avoid them, HR staff will be able to identify and hire the best possible applicant for the company.    

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