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Secrets of Great Talent Management – What You Should Know

Posted Monday, December 12, 2011 by Unicorn HRO

Every business is only as good as its employees, and the process of attracting and managing those employees is known as talent management.  While it is at its most basic level a fairly straightforward process, talent management is actually a very complex system that relies on a huge variety of different tools and skills to truly master.  From the efficiency of your HR department to the skills that your managers and supervisors bring to the table, talent management is a system that involves your entire company.  To truly master talent management, you'll have to understand the basic fundamentals of it.  Here are some of the basic secrets behind effective talent management.

The first secret of talent management lies in attracting the best employees to your company.  With today's job market, it's easier than ever to fill open positions.  But talent management is the process of placing the best and brightest talent into every opening that your company has.  The best employees won't simply respond to a basic job posting – they'll take the time to see what your company offers them.  While at first this will include salary and the various benefits that are included with employment, it moves beyond that quickly.  Great employees want to work for a great company, and part of effective talent management is simply creating a great place to work.  From advancement opportunities to training sessions, employee benefits to a great environment, to master talent management you first need to master your workplace.

The next phase of talent management is retention.  Once you've got the best employees you have to keep them on your team, and this can be a tricky part of talent management.  Your benefits will be a large part of the process, but almost as many employees seek employment elsewhere because of a lack of career advancement.  Making your employees feel like they're valuable parts of a team is a huge aspect of talent management.  These are fairly obvious but very important talent management strategies, but there are two overlooked aspects you should know about as well.

One major secret of talent management is that great employees don't want to work for a boss. They want to work for a leader.  Understanding the difference is a key part of talent management.  Your departments are only as good as their supervisor, and great workers will leave if they feel that they're not being led.  A good leader will analyze risks and move forward with new strategies while a boss will simply refuse plans due to the fact that they've never been tried before.  Ensuring that your managers are leaders is a big step in talent management, and one you need to understand if you want to master talent management completely.

It's also important when considering talent management that you understand just how to use software solutions.  Talent management can be simplified through good programs that allow your team to assess problem areas and skillsets and devise talent management related strategies based upon them.  If you want to master talent management, you need to embrace software.  Unicorn HRO can help you seize the reins of talent management and attract, train, and retain the best employees on the market today.

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