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Tips for Using SaaS Effectively – Some Basic Tips

Posted Monday, November 14, 2011 by Unicorn HRO

SaaS is a type of technology solution businesses implement in order to avoid spending thousands on hardware and software but while still getting the benefits that today's business technology can provide to you.  SaaS is usually sold on monthly or annual subscription fee and is far cheaper than other types of business technology.  But simply purchasing and setting up SaaS isn't all that you need to do.  In order to really be able to get the most from your SaaS, you'll need to keep a few basic things in mind.  SaaS can accomplish some truly amazing things for your business, but understanding the best ways to utilize SaaS will make a tremendous difference on its effectiveness.

First of all, be sure that you purchase SaaS that actually works for your company.  There is an SaaS solution for virtually every aspect of business and choosing the right one is an important aspect of feeling its benefits.  Payroll, benefits administration, employee management, and much more can all be handled by SaaS.  Take the time to review your company's specific technology needs before you begin shopping for SaaS.  Extra features may cost more money, but could end up saving you in the long run.  For example, employee self-service may up your monthly fee but could also improve productivity and morale within your company.  Consider your options and buy the best SaaS for your needs.

The next step for using SaaS effectively is simply to make sure that all of your employees who will be using it understand just how it works.  Most SaaS will be accessible by HR workers or managers, for example.  Be sure that each person who will be using the SaaS receives full training on all of its features and capabilities.  In most instances your SaaS provider will include basic training in the cost, so take advantage of it.  Your SaaS is useless if your employees don't understand how to use it.

Next, use the SaaS for a period of time.  Be sure that you give all of your employees time to acclimate to the SaaS and for its benefits to be noticed.  A few months are generally enough, but you could wait until your subscription is almost due for renewal.  As this time approaches, start to review just what features of the SaaS your workers are using, which ones are seeing little to no use, and if any of your employees feel that the SaaS is lacking important features.  With this information you can make any alterations to the SaaS once you renew it.  Remove features you aren't using and add some that your employees want.  That's the real beauty of SaaS – you can alter it to fit your company's needs for maximum effectiveness.

Using SaaS effectively is really as simple as knowing what you want, how to use the program, and when to modify it.  Unicorn HRO offers useful SaaS solutions for payroll and other HR functions and can help your company embrace modern technology for a fraction of the cost it would take to install an IT system in-house.  To save money while still getting everything you want from technology, SaaS is the solution.

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