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Unicorn HRO Adds Alternative Consumer Lending Solution from Kashable

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2015 by Unicorn HRO

Unicorn HRO, an industry leader offering fully integrated and configurable HR Solutions, including Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and Insurance, today announced they have selected Kashable to enable more than 800 companies and three million employees to have access to socially responsible credit.

Kashable is a new approach to employee financial wellness. Offering affordable credit to employees as an employer-sponsored benefit, Kashable is available at no cost and no risk to the employer. The program provides disciplined, responsible and easy to manage credit at low rates, starting at 6%. Employees take a Kashable loan online in a matter of minutes and repay it through payroll deductions over six to twelve months.

“We have looked at value added products in the financial wellness market and determined that Kashable offers the best and most innovative approach to helping reduce financial stress in the workplace. Adding Kashable to our Benefits package allows our clients to help their most valuable assets – their employees,” said Timothy Diassi, EVP & GM of Unicorn HRO. “This partnership will enable us to offer a socially responsible loan option to our clients providing a much needed solution to high deductible health plans, and an alternative to 401k borrowing.”

“Unicorn HRO is exemplary in their visionary approach to offering integrated benefits,” said David Sherman VP Sales of Kashable. “Kashable transforms the way working America accesses credit. By partnering with Kashable, Unicorn HRO is now able to extend invaluable support to their clients’ employees’ financial well-being, boost employee retention, encourage better performance and help reduce workplace worries.”

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