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Ways to improve HR efficiency

Posted Tuesday, October 06, 2015 by Unicorn HRO

The introduction of HR software has led to a substantial improvement in HR efficiency. It has led to the automation and standardization of most administrative tasks typically carried out by HR employees, freeing up time for HR staff to turn their attention to higher-end tasks. These software solutions can also be easily integrated with back-end systems and are easily configurable. This also reduces the need for HR staff to enter data manually, reducing the risk of mistakes associated with doing so. One of the greatest areas in which automating processes can make an impact is that of vacation and PTO tracking processes.  This is important because, depending on the size of the company, a considerable amount of man hours can be wasted if HR departments track these manually. Instead, HR software can easily automate accrued vacation time. Shared services also encourages employees to take management of their own data such as updating addresses, submitting time reports and even managing their own benefits administration.

Ways in which HR software can improve efficiency.

The recruitment process is probably one of the most time consuming tasks carried out by HR departments. From liaising with managers to developing job descriptions, posting jobs to online media, reviewing resumes, long and short listing resumes, scheduling candidate interviews and contract arrangement with on boarding. Recruitment software such as cloud-based models and e-Recruiting, offers automated applicant tracking systems, ad hoc reporting and saves money by streamlining the process, reducing the time to hire and costs. Moreover, using HR technology helps HR departments to reach a wider pool of candidates and helps businesses to attract the best employees. This is achieved by using HR software which easily integrates with online media sites and job boards. Here, HR managers can post job advertisements to multiple online sites in one simple step.

Most HR technology also improves the efficiency of employee management through online education and skills tracking, and notifying managers of employee appraisals. This helps to improve the productivity of the workforce by ensuring that managers are able to monitor employee performance and provide continuous feedback to employees. Through this approach, HR departments can play an important role in improving the workings of the company.

HR software can also monitor the overall performance of the company with the use of HCA ad hoc reporting tools and Dashboard and Analytic Tools. Using these, managers can easily access and analyze company data, view trends and use this information to make informed business decisions. Predictive analytics can not only help to improve efficiency within HR but also enables HR managers to be proactive, pre-empting pitfalls and putting processes in place to prevent these.

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