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iSeries migration to ICON

Date: Monday, April 08, 2013
Time: 11:00 am

The client had been using the Unicorn HRO AS400 solution. However, their company found its HR and payroll teams needed greater Web-based functionality and more personalized customer support for its workforce.
The client’s decision-making team decided to migrate to the Unicorn HRO SaaS solution iCON because of the long term relationship with Unicorn HRO and the superior reputation customer service they had provided over the years. Key factors in the decision included ease of migration, functionality available including reporting options along with dashboard metrics, convenient Web self-service for administrators and employees, and ease of processing payroll with the options to outsource payroll and tax filing services

Unicorn HRO’s iCON solution allows companies to empower their Managers and Employees with Web self-service functionality.  Managers have access to their employees and their employees have access to their information.  With iCON managers can drill down into point-in-time data for meaningful business analytics that is required for both short- and long-term planning.  Employees can view paycheck and W2 information on line, update their W4 as well as enroll in benefits. 
Client Comments: "With our previous system, it was impossible for me to provide the quantity or quality of business intelligence reports that I can build today with iCON and without assistance from IT. Management appreciates the ability to give them what they need when they need it.”

Reporting is critical for businesses that must quickly adapt to fluctuations in their industry. The client’s HR/payroll team is using iCON to manage increases and decreases in its workforce when necessary. iCON’s flexibility and reporting capabilities have helped the HR team manage these labor changes and rapidly get back to business as usual after the change.

Client Comments: “iCON has helped drive our organization toward more standardized business rules and processes throughout the company. It allows us to easily apply these same rules to new business areas that are added to the system”.  “iCON is flexible enough to get newly acquired companies up and running in a short amount of time while providing them with the autonomy to update their data in the system moving forward.”

Another factor that most businesses contend with is controlling costs. The client is saving significant time and resources with delivery of iCON through Unicorn HRO’s SaaS model—eliminating the need to purchase and install hardware, invest in an upfront software license, or dedicate internal IT staff to projects.

Client Comments: “iCON provides my shared services team and our remote HR and payroll administrators with quick access to comprehensive HCM functionality without our IT resources having to support the solution,” “With our old solution, upgrades were cumbersome. iCON gives us more flexibility, and we appreciate having these upgrades applied transparently without relying on our internal IT team. Moving to iCON delivered through SaaS is one of the best decisions we’ve made.”